Transferring to NMU

If you started your college career at another institution and plan to transfer to Northern Michigan University, we have information to ease your transition.

The NMU Registrar provides information on course equivalencies between NMU and many other colleges. Requirements change and you may need to consult with the NMU Registrar and social work program director for the latest information. In some cases, there may be no direct equivalency between courses at your current school and NMU, but course substitutions may be allowed (See course substitution policy for transfer students). Students should check such arrangements carefully before enrolling in nonequivalent courses.

The following NMU courses that are required by the BSW Program have been frequently offered as Web-based offerings. Although availability varies from term to term, students who are planning on relocating to NMU for the BSW Program may be able to get a jump-start by completing one or more of these Web courses to meet program requirements.


The Social Work Advisement Package includes specifics to help potential transfer students select courses to make efficient use of resources at their current school. The Social Work Advisement Package can be found on the student forms webpage.

See Transfer Admissions for more information about university requirements and becoming a part of the BSW Program at NMU.