Download Advising Forms

With the exception of interactive forms, the following materials are also available from the department secretary. Some forms are available in their original version, e.g. Excel or Word. Assuming that you are using an NMU mobile device or other computer with equivalent software, you should be able to download these forms to your mobile device, complete them and print them

Advising Package--especially useful for new or prospective students, this set of materials outlines the curriculum and helps you develop a plan of study.  Includes guides for transfer students.

Curriculum Planners--Use these forms to keep track of requirements that you've completed and to determine which courses to take next.

Microsoft Word version of Curriculum Planner--Use this link to access the Curriculum Planner form as a Microsoft Word file. You can then print off copies for your own use.

Interactive Planning Sheet This form is an interactive Excel spreadsheet. You can type in your course information including credit hours and grades. You can then copy the worksheet cells, open Excel on your mobile device and paste the data into a worksheet as a way of monitoring your curriculum progress. Note: This spreadsheet includes macros that run within Excel. Before opening this file in Excel, you must select Tools>>Macros>>Security and set security at medium or low in order for the program to work. After changing these settings, open the file named 2007 curriculum planner2.xls.

Social Work Program Application All BSW majors must complete an application for the advanced curriculum at least one semester prior to enrolling in SW 370 and SW 372.. The form is available from the department secretary or use the link below to print it as a Microsoft Word file or Adobe Acrobat file.

Microsoft Word version of Social Work Application--Use this link to access the Application as a Microsoft Word file. You may then print it off for completion or fill it out and then print it.

Adobe Acrobat version of Social Work Application--best for printing a copy formatted like department hard copy.