Biology Department Senior Theses
Univ Series-142

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Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives
Biology Department Senior Theses
Univ Series-142
1939 - 1966
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Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives

Harden Learning Resources Center 126
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Marquette, Michigan, 49855

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"Acarina that are Parasitic on Orthoptera in Northern Michigan," by Victor David Borga, 1950 

"Additions and Revisions to the Ichneumonidae of Northern Michigan," by Neilan T. Parkkonen, 1963 

"Aquatic Gastropods from that Part of Marquette County and a Portion of Alger County with Drainage into Lake Superior," by Ronald S. Maitland, 1962 

"A Bacteriological Survey of Redberry Lake," by Albert K. Carlson, 1960 

"Aquatic Coleoptera of the Huron Mountains," by David L. Kananen, 1963 

"Beetle Damage to Timber of Northern Michigan," by Robert Maurice Hager, 1961 

"Beetles of Northern Michigan (Adephaga and Claricornia)," by Roland R. Manty, 1940 

"A Biological and Geological Study of Gull Island, Grand Marais, Michigan," by Guy F. Block, 1962 

"Calliporidae," by Aaron Klink, 1960 

"Cerambycidae in the Northern Michigan College Collection," by Wesley A. Helbert, 1958 

"Certain External Parasites of Small Upper Peninsula Vertebrates," by Albert A. Ikkala, 1947 

"Checklist of Butterflies in the Northern Michigan College Collection," by Wesley A. Helberg, 1960 

"The Cicadellidae, Pentatomidae and Related Species of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan," by Theodore A. Potoczak, 1962 

"The Clasping Reflex of Frogs and Toads," by Francis St. Andrew, 1953 

"A Classification of the Lepidoptera of Northern State Teachers College," by Muriel S. Dahlstrom, 1940 

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"Classification of Trees in the Longyear Forest," by Carl Simi, 1951 

"Climate Factors Affecting the Distribution of Beech in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan," by K. J. Semenak, 1955 

"Coliforms and Enterococci as Indicators of Possible Breeding Sites of Stomoxys calcitrans (Linnaeus)," by Jean Ann Love, 1965 

"The Collection and Classification of Diptera from Four Types of Excrement," by Gerald O. Corkin, 1963 

"Compiling a List of Insects of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan," by Clyde R. Hayward, 1948 

"Cultural Characteristics of Four Fungi Associated with cankers of Northern Hardwoods," by Diane Jones, 1966 

"Culture and Behavior of Local Protozoa," by Linda Green, 1963 

"Determination of Kind, Size, and Quantity of Trees on a Selected Piece of Ground by Sampling," by Peter Braamse, 1959 

"The Dragonflies of Marquette and Vicinity," by Katherine McDonell DeLayne, 1940 

"Ecological Studies of the Chiroptera in the Marquette Area," by Ronald DeClark, 1960 

"Ecological Study of Macroscopic Plants on a Forty Acre Plot," by Robert Pintal, 1963 

"An Ecological Study of Some Aquatic Insects," by John P. Schaffer, 1965 

"The Effect of Temperature and Humidity on the Feeding Rate of Stomoxys calcitrans," by Ronald Beauchamp, 1966 

"The Effect of Trifluoromethyl Nitrophenol on the Diatom Population in Treated Streams," by Steve Normand, 1965 

"The Effects of Light and Background on Fish Coloration," by David Muehrcke, 1961 

"An Epidemiological Study of Congenital Malformation in the Northern Peninsula of Michigan," by Don W. Alimenti, 1960 

"The Establishing of an Arboretum on Northern Michigan College Longyear Forest," by Glen T. Hare, 1962 

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"Evaluation of Dobell's Mordant Hematoxylin Method for the Preparation of Permanent Protozoa Slides," by Beth Frey Peters, 1963 

"The Examination of Burbot, Walley, and Suckers for Diphylobothrium latum and Metorchis conjunctus," by Robert Leon Brant, 1965 

"Experimental Study of the Normal Hematology of the Black Bullhead(Ictarus melus)," by Gary D. Dorman, 1964 

"External and Internal Bacterial Flora from Field Populations of Adult Stomoxys calcitrans," by William H. Peltier, III, 1964 

"External and Internal Parasites of Certain Northern Michigan Birds Together with Remarks on Techniques of Preparing Bird Skins for Study," by Roland Archambeau, 1949 

"Fecundity of Sea Lampreys (Petromyzon marinus) Taken from a Lake Superior Tributary," by Robert B. Griggs, 1966 

"Ferns of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan," by Arthur E. Benoit, 1941 

"Finnish Anthropological Study," by Melvin Holli, 1955 

"The Fish of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with Emphasis on the Stomach Contents, Preferably the Insects," by Bruno Dominic Stefani, 1943 

"Five Families of the Order Diptera; the Tachinidae, Muscidae, Caliphoridae, Sarcophagidae, and the Anthomyiidae," by Francis Kowalski, 1950 

"Food Habits of Coyotes of Northern Wisconsin as Determined by Analysis of Scats," by Richard L. Verch, 1966 

"Food Habits of the Yellow Perch in Goose Lake, Marquette, Michigan," by Thomas R. Klei, 1964 

"A Further Chemical Separation of the Growth Enhancer of Scleroderris lagerbergii on Pinus resinosa," by John R. Wolfe, 1966 

"Germination and Insect Damage of Pinus banksiana in Different Year Crops," by James R. Tuomela, 1962 

"Helminth Parasites of Fish in Marquette County," by Robert Pynnonen, 1960 

"A Help to Teachers in Teaching the Native Conifers of the Upper Peninsula," by Walter Dabeck, 1954 

"Historical Study of Birds and a General Study of Ruffed Grouse," by Charles H. Bisdee, 1942 

"Ichneumonidae of Northern Michigan," by Neilan Parkkonen, 1961 

"Identification of Cercariae from the Upper Peninsula," by Donald W. Peterson, 1963 

"Identification and Classification of Algae Occuring within the Vicinities of Marquette and Caspian," by Helen sharpensteen, 1944 

"The Incidence of Canine Intestinal Roundworm Infestation of the Marquette Area," by Warren Hill, 1961 

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"The Incidence of Trichina Larvae in Rattus norvegicus at the Marquette Municipal Dumping Grounds," by Thomas G. Allshouse, 1965 

"Insects of the Winter Forest," by Kenneth J. Spurr, 1951 

"Internal Parasites of Mink (Mustela vison)," by Francis Opolka, 1962 

"Investigation of Enteric Bacteria on Stable Flies from Farm and Beach Areas," by Francis W. Kellner, 1962 

"Iron Bacteria: A Study of Leptothrix ochracea and Spirophyllum ferrugineum," by Peter J. Talso, 1941 

"Isolation of External and Internal Bacteria of Stomoxys calcitrans (L.) Collected from Selected Areas," by Keith Forton and George Schrandt, 1963 

"Isolation and Identification of Bacteria from the Exterior of Stomoxys calcitrans," by Paul F. Carilli, 1963 

"Lichens of the Marquette Area," by June D. Kirby, 1942 

"Lichens of the Marquette Area," by Kenneth Don Lindberg, 1949 

"A Limnological Survey of Redberry Lake," by Ronald S. Maitland, 1959 

"A Limnological Survey of Redberry Lake," by John Selden, 1959 

"A Limnological Survey of Waldo Pond," by Thomas Treloar and George Schrandt, 1950 

"A List of the Chrysomelidae in the Collection of Northern Michigan College," by Daniel Lockwood, 1960 

"A List of Symphyta (Hymenoptera) in the Northern Insect Collection," by George J. Schrandt, 1960 

"Material to be Used for a Chapter on Parasites of Wildlife," by Edward F. Knowles, 1959 

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"Maximum, Minimum and Optimum Temperatures for Growth of the Fungi - Ceratocystis coerulescens, Cryptostroma corticale, Poria subacida and Diaporthe eres f. sp. betulae," by Gary Buchschacher, 1965 

"Miscellaneous Observations of the Sea Lamprey (Petromyzon marinus)," Truman T. Guard, 1951 

"The Mosquitoes of Negaunee, Marquette County, Michigan Area," by James A. Lahde, 1962 

"The Mosquitoes of the Three Lakes, Baraga County, Michigan, Area," by George W. Hagar, 1950 

"Mosses: Musci of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan," by Carroll R. Norden, 1947 

"A Morphological Study of Petromyzon marinus, the Sea Lamprey," by neal E. Jacobson, 1950 

"Nature Trails," by Robert Pynnonen, 1960 

"Notes on the Biology of Fishes," by Allen H. Londo, 1941 

"Nuisance Beaver in Michigan," by Donald Veeser, 1952 

"Observations and Experiments Concerning the Deer Liver Fluke, Fascioloides magna," by James S. Peloso, 1961 

"Observations and Studies on Hydra oligactis from Harlow Lake, Marquette County, Michigan," by Archie J. Nicolette, 1964 

"The Occurence of Enteric Bacteria in Flies," by Victor Pajunen, 1963 

"Odonato Naiads of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan," by Marjie Anderson, 1963 

"Odonata of the Upper Peninsula," by John Benaglio, 1951 

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Ornathology (untitled paper), by D. B. Leonardelli, 1940 

"Parasites of the Black Bullhead in Marquette County with Special Reference to Incidence of the Yellow Grub," by James F. Taylor, 1964 

"Parasites and Damage Survey of the Porcupine (Erethizon dorsatum)," by Clifford M. Luft, 1961 

"Parasites of the Fish of Big Shag Lake," by William A. Tompkins, 1947 

"Physiological Studies on Fish Coloration," by David Muehreke, 1962 

"Plant Collection of N.M.C.E. (Northern Michigan College of Education) with Special Remarks on the Saxifragaceae," by Jerry J. Herman, 1952 

"Pond and Ditch Life During the Spring Months--A Preliminary Survey of the Invertebrate Life of Some Ponds and Ditches in the Vicinity of Marquette from April 7, to May 22," by E. Llewellyn Riopelle, 1939 

"A Preliminary List of the Fresh Water Protozoa Found in Stagnant Pools of North Marquette and South Caspian," by John Zychowski, 1943 

"A Preliminary Report on the Aquatic Coleoptera of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan," by James A. Lahde, 1962 

"A Preliminary Survey of the Tabanidae (Diptera) of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan," by M. Stuart Eldred, 1950 

Prevalence of Veneral Disease in Marquette County," by Edgar W. Bowman, 1960 

"The Problem of the Porcupine (Erethizon)," by Clifford M. Luft, 1961 

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"Protozoa of the Northern Peninsula of Michigan," by Francis C. Lundin, 1961 

The Rotifera of the Marquette Area," by Richard D. Florence, 1961 

"A Search for Neoechinorhynchus and Heronimus mollis in Turtles from Waldo Pond and Harlow Lake," by Dale Ladd, 1965 

"The Simuliidae of Marquette County," by Gordon D. Gill, 1950 

"The Siphonaptera (Fleas) of Upper Michigan Mammals," by Graham D. McNamee, 1964 

"Smoking Habits of College Students," by Don C. Allis, 1961 

"Some Ecological Factors Concerning Protozoa in Marquette County, Michigan," by John S. Kemppainen, 1950 

"Species of Algae of Marquette County," by Leino W. Pynnonen, 1947 

"Studies of the Copoda of Marquette County," by Stanley L. Roberts, 1960 

"A Study of Birds in the Upper Peninsula," by G. O. Maienknecht, 1941 

"A Study of Brook Trout with the Aid of Photography," by J. Michael Heldmann, 1950 

"A Study of Dentition as a Basis for Reclassification of the Mammals of the State of Michigan," by Glen A. Porter, 1948 

"A Study of Dipterous inquilines of the Pitcher-Plant, Sarracenia Pupurea L.," by Dennis G. Leif, 1964 

"A Study of the Effects of Site Quality on Annual Growth, Dry Weight and Cell Size in Some Softwoods," by Clarence H. Blomquist, 1961 

"A Study of Fall Food Habits of Hooded Mergansers," by Jonathan H. Springer, 1966 

"A Study of Foliage Type on the Balsam Fir," by James Hooper, 1953 

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"A Study of the Parasitic Cestodes and Nematodes Infecting the Snowshoe Hare in Marquette and Alger Counties," by Warren G. Yoder, 1960 

"A Study on Periodic Variations of Desmid Numbers from Two Small Lakes Near Marquette, Michigan with Descriptions of Some Species and Varieties," by Richard L. Lake, 1962 

"A Study of the Phenomenon of Myiasis," by Francis Voelker, 1948 

"A Survey of Arthropods Associated with Birds' Nests, Gogebic County, Michigan," by Eugene J. Syrjala, 1963 

"A Survey of Conservation Education in Michigan's Upper Peninsula with Special Reference to Marquette County," by Raymond E. Reilly, 1955 

"A Survey of the Free-Living Protozoa of the Marquette Area," by Albert Jay Moberg, 1949 

"A Survey of the Frogs and Toads in the Vicinity of Marquette," by John Collins, 1950 

"A Survey of Northern Michigan Beetles," by John E. Swanson, 1949 

"A Survey of Plant Succession on Grand View Mountain," by Nick G. Dragula, 1960 

"A Survey of Some of the Insectivora and Small Rodentia of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan," by Archie J. Nicolette, 1963 

"A Taxonomical Study of Basidiomycetes in the Dried Condition, by Richard L. Lake, 1961 

"White Pine Blister Rust," by Donald J. Rath, 1950 

"Wild Edible Plants of Man and Animal," by William E. Ribich, 1949 

"Winter Collection and Classification of Algae," by Daniel E. Blomquist, 1961 

"Winter Food of Ruffed Grouse," by Charles W. Pearson, 1954 

"Yellow Birch, and Important Forest Tree--A Study Pertaining to Growing Conditions of Yellow Birch," by Erwin W. Richter, 1955 

"Notes on Ticks, with Emphasis Being Given to the Species Occurring in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan," by Beth Frey Peters, 1962 

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