Northern Michigan University Brochures and Booklets File
Univ Series-089

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Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives
Northern Michigan University Brochures and Booklets File
Univ Series-089
1900 - ongoing
3.0 Cubic feet
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Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives

Harden Learning Resources Center 126
1401 Presque Isle Ave
Marquette, Michigan, 49855

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Collection Inventory

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Academic Programs--Accounting and Finance 1976-1977 

Academic Programs--American Indian Program ca 1975 

Academic Programs--Associate Degree and Certificate Programs 1944-1980 

Academic Programs--Biological and Physical Sciences (Includes Pre-Professional) ca 1975-ca. 1979 

Academic Programs--Business ca. 1945-1977 

Academic Programs--Communication Disorders 1976-1977 

Academic Programs--Communications, Foreign Languages, and Philosophy (Includes Speech and English) ca. 1965-1990 

Acadmeic Programs--Criminal Justice ca. 1976-1977 

Academic Programs--Economics ca. 1970-1977 

Academic Programs--Education 1927-ca. 1990 

Academic Programs--Fine and Applied Arts (Art and Design, Music, Theatre [Theater]) 1951-ca. 1985 

Academic Programs--Health, Physical Education, Recreation 1977; n.d. 

Academic Programs--History ca. 1976-1977 

Academic Programs--Home Economics ca. 1929-1977; n.d. 

Academic Programs--Industry and Technology ca. 1975-1977; n.d. 

Academic Programs--Liberal Studies ca. 1976 

Academic Programs--Management and Marketing ca. 1976-1977 

Academic Programs--Mathematics Computer Science and Computer Information Systems ca. 1976-1985 

Academic Programs-- Military Science ca. 1970-1977 

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Academic Programs--Nursing 1970-1977 n.d. 

Academic Programs--Policies and Procedures ca. 1975-1979; n.d. 

Academic Programs--Political Science 1976-1977 

Academic Programs--Psychology ca. 1976-1977 

Academic Programs--Sociology and Social Work ca. 1970-1977 

Academic Programs--Technology and Applied Science ca. 1985 

Educational Activities--Conferences 1952 

Educational Activities--Correspondence and Extension 1948 

Educational Activities--Field Station 1972-ca. 1985; n.d. 

Educational Activities--Free School 1972-1980 

Educational Activities--Lectures 1957 

Educational Activities--Police Training Program 1979; n.d. 

Educational Activities--School of Banking 1980-1981 

Events--Orientation Week 1952-1988 

Mission Statements 1997 

Recruitment Brochures ca. 1930-1985 

Recruitment Brochures ca. 1935-2000 

Recruitment Brochures--Graduate Programs ca. 1950-1984 

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Recruitment--Viewbooks ca. 1965-1992 

Services--Equal Opportunity ca. 1970 

Services--Housing and Food Services 1978-ca. 1992 

Services--Student Activities ca. 1975-1980 

Students--African-American Students ca. 1975 

Summer Session 1900-1979 

Town/Gown Relations ca. 1966-1978 

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