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Univ Series-078

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Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives
Northern Michigan University Faculty Publications File
Univ Series-078
1905 - ongoing
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Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives

Harden Learning Resources Center 126
1401 Presque Isle Ave
Marquette, Michigan, 49855

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Albeck, Stan: Defensive Scorebook for High School and College Basketball 1959 

Barillas, William: Michigan's Pioneers and the Destruction of the Hardwood Forest 1989 

Bays, Ted: A Land Apart 1979 

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Bishop, Robert E.: Box-X Report on Student Teaching: A Study of the Evaluation Tendencies of Supervising Teachers in Rating NMU Student Teachers 1969 

Bowman, James Cloyd: Articles 1921; 1925 

Brown, Gilbert L.: Articles 1950 

Burrows, Albert H.: Freedom's Great Moments 1957 

Chase, L. A.: Articles 1927 

Chase, L. A.: Michigan Agriculture (2 copies) 1922 

Copper, F. R.: Articles 1927; 1930 

Dreisbach, Donald F.: Articles n.d. 

Durocher, Aurele A.: Articles 1954-1964 

Earney, Fillmore C. F.: Articles 1981 

Earney, Fillmore C. F.: Ocean Mining: Geographic Perspectives 1982 

Emerick, Lon: The Parent Interview: Guidelines for Student and Practicing Speech Clinicians 1969 

Garver, Emerson E.: Articles 1958 

Gill, Gordon D.: Articles 1954; 1955 

Gill, Gordon D.: The Heleomyzid Files of America North of Mexico 1962 

Glenn, Robert B.: The Situation: Serious or Desperate? 1978 

Graves, John: Articles 1963 

Halverson, Lynn H.: Articles 1929 

Halverson, Lynn H.: Geographic Materials and Methods 1932 

Halverson, Lynn H.: Geography via Pictures ca. 1959 

Hamer, John H.: Articles ca. 1950 

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Heath, Roy E.: Articles 1944-1969; n.d. 

Heath, Roy E.: Experiments in General College Chemistry 1960 

Hedlund, Jean H.: Articles 1953; 1958 

Hilton, Earl: Articles 1947-1957; n.d. 

Hinrichsen, Max: Articles 1961 

Johansen, John P.: Articles 1950; 1963 

Johansen, John P.: The Extent of Dependency Upon Old Age Assistance in South Dakota 1938 

Johansen, John P.: Immigrant Settlements and Social Organizations in South Dakota 1937 

Johansen, John P.: Immigrants and Their Children in South Dakota 1936 

Johansen, John P.: One Hundred New Homesteads in the Red River Valley, North Dakota 1941 

Johansen, John P.: The People of Nebraska: A Mid-Century Summary 1951 

Johansen, John P.: The People of Nebraska: A Mid-Century Summary (revised) 1952 

Johansen, John P.: Population Trends in Relation to Resources Development in South Dakota 1954 

Johansen, John P.: Social and Economic Circumstances of Accepted Applicants for Old-Age Assistance in South Dakota, 1936-1937 1938 

Jones, James H.: Articles 1960 

Kingsbury, Stewart A: Eternal Questions and Eternal Truth: Some Destoevskyan and Chekhovian Answers ca. 1980 

Lautner, John E.: Articles 1905; ca. 1934 

Lautner, John E.: Study Questions to Accompany Hayes' Introduction to the Study of Sociology ca. 1934 

Lobanov-Rostovsky, Andrei: Articles 1929 - 1956 

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Lobanov-Rostovsky, Andrei: Illusions and Realities ofInternational Cooperation 1934 

Manheim, James H. and Sylvia R.: Articles 1965 

Manheim, Jerome H.: Mathematics in the Petroleum Industry ca. 1965 

McCarthy, Mary B.: Articles 1952 - 1955 

O'Dell, Richard F.: Reaching Out 1982 

Ozburn, G. W.: Articles 1962 

Parkhurst, Kenneth L.: Articles 1953 

Pearson, J. R.: Articles ca. 1955 

Pearson, Ross N.: Geography for the High Schools of Michigan 1958 

Peters, Bernard C.: Articles 1986 

Peters, Lewis E.: Articles 1957 - 1963 

Peters, Lewis E.: Preveterinary Medicine Handbook n.d. 

Pinter, Charles: Sur L'Obtention De Formes Minimales de Fonctions Booleennes 1964 

Robinson, William: Articles 1973 

Roy, Aaron M.: Articles 1981 

Salmon, Raphael J.: Articles (Publication also includes article by John A. Myers) 1964 

Sayegh, Wahbah A.: The Relative Effectiveness and Efficiency of Linear Programmed Materials and Conventional Textbooks 1969 

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Schorer, C. E.: Articles 1950 

Schultz, Janet L.: Biology and Man Laboratory Guide n.d. 

Snitgen, D. A.: Regional Environmental Education Center of the Upper Peninsula 1975 

Tellefsen, Marjorie A.: Articles 1922 

Thomas, Russell: Articles 1930-1959 

Thompson, Kenrick S: Articles 1974; n.d. 

Thundyil, Zacharias: Articles 1973-1980 

Vande Zande, John: Articles 1978 

Varley, J. Leland: Articles 1960 

Webb, Dean: Principles of Elementary Mathematics 1963 

West, Luther S.: Articles 1929 - 1963 

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West, Luther S.: Fly Control in the Eastern Mediterranean and Elsewhere 1953 

West, Luther S.: Malariologia Pratica 1946 

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