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Hahn, Allison H.--Headbanging by Pidgeons: A Systematic Replication and Extension of an Animal Model of Psychopathology 2010 

Robichaux, Christopher B.--Vision and Touch: Testing the Ramachandran Mirror Box 2010 

Manninen, Ronda--Effects of Problem Solving in the High School Health Occupations Classroom on Confidence and Understanding 2008 

Crispigna, Anthony J.--Beauty is Better with Deception: Motivation and Competition 2008 

Case, Emily E.--The Effect of Birth Order Perceptions on the Evaluation of Personality 2011 

Coutley, Lisa Fay--Until the Room is Quiet: A Memoir 2007 

Dale, Rochelle Lynn--Surviving the Reservation 2009 

Tervo, Jodi Lynn--Physiological Responses to Double-Pole Ergometry: Standing vs. Sitting 2011 

Molenaar, Amy J.--A Comparison of Conditioning Levels Between Off-Season and Competition Season for Division II Women's Volleyball 2009 

Madigan, Justin P.--Effects of Mood and Empathy on the Perception of Emotion in Photographic Faces 2010 

Mashinini, Duduzile Phindile--Sexual Attitudes and Perceptions of Gendered Sexual Roles from the Perspective of Urban South African... 2009 

Ross, Mary K.--Use of the Phrase "That's So Gay" as a Heteronormative Microaggression 2012 

Larrin, Roseanna M.--Belial's Daughter 2009 

McMillan, Brian Robert--On Cortex Road: My Search for One Homeless Man 2009 

DePetro, Stephanie Laura--Exploratory Research Regarding Gambling on Northern Michigan University's Campus 2007 

Walleman, Michael E.--An Exploratory Study of the Seniority Rights Culture within Several Mid-Sized Michigan Police Departments 2009 

Jette, Scott--A Study Examining the Relationship Between High School Dropouts and Criminality and the Ojibway Correctional Facility 2011 

Kubont, Katherine Frances--Preventing Recidivism in Marquette County, Michigan: What Works 2011 

Wickstrom, Jason Paul--An Outcome Evalution of The Iron County, Michigan Drug Court Treatment Program 2007 

Smith-Labrash, Sherry A.--Influence of Learning Styles, Gender, Self-Related Computer Experience, and Age on Preference For... 2010 

Provost, Christy L.--Effects of Varying Levels of Physical Activity on Middle School Students' Science Knowledge Retention 2012 

Cadeau, Tracy Newton--Can the Headsprout Early Reading Program Improve Reading Skills in a Head Start Preschool Classroom? 2011 

Pickett, Heather Laurel--A Case Study of Attribution Retraining and Self-Efficacy in a High School Counseling Setting 2008 

Zerbst, Joseph R.--Rural High School Students' Perceptions of Challenges, Assistance Required, and Support for Postsecondary... 2010 

Trewartha, Mollie Louise--A Focus Group Study of Community Members' Perception About Year-round Education... 2007 

Jamieson, Grace Eleanor--Investigating the Kolb Learning Style Inventory's Ipsative Scores Using Semantic Differential and Likert... 2010 

Basolo, Kristy--The History of Student Journalism at Northern Michigan University, 1919-2002 2008 

Bush, Matthew Robert--Crime and Education: College Students and Their Relationship with the Clery Act 2011 

Saarivirta-Kolpack, Marianne--A History of Early Teacher Training Practices at Northern (Michigan Univeristy),... 2007 

Miller, Steven J.--Group Cohesion and Performance in University Concert Bands 2009 

Affhalter, Maria Geralyn--Effects of Gender and Role Selection in Cooperative Learning Groups on Science Inquiry Achievement 2010 

Hilton, Samantha A.--Electronic Peer Review in First-Year Composition 2009 

Johnson, Sarah J.--Why Can't They Write Right? Teaching Grammar in the Composition Classroom. 2009 

Schminke-Yaussy, Virginia M.--Working Toward a Pedagogy of Awareness: Multimodality and Universal Design for Learning in the First-Year... 2012 

Madjar, Sharon--Not Lost in Translation 2009 

Moir, Darrin--Gravity Tender 2012 

Ashkevron, Alyssia Rowan--Critical Pedagogy and Moral Development in the (Literature) Classroom 2008 

Aliff, Angela--Spiritual and Material Crosses in the Works of John Donne 2010 

Colgrove, Erin E.--This Crown of Prayer and Praise: Worship in Donne's "La Corona" 2010 

Vander Lind, Lauren--William Blake's "Visions" for the Eighteenth Century and Beyond 2012 

Sherman-Jones, Teresa--The Brontes and the Beasts: Newly Awakened Sympathies and Shifting Representations of Other-Than-Human Animals... 2012 

Olson, Olivia Maureen--Metafiction and B.S. Johnson's "Albert Angelo" 2012 

Faucett, Elizabeth M.--"Helplessly Culpable": The Other and the Ethical Relationship in Ian McEwan's "Saturday" 2011 

Hagen, Benjamin D.--Metafiction and David Mitchell's "Ghostwritten" 2007 

Crachiolo, Elizabeth A.--Myth as Redemption in Three Canadian Novels 2009 

Mahoney, Cameron--Cry, The Beloved Contradiction: Paton's Colonial Legacy 2012 

Grocella, Daniel A.--Shades of Clear 2010 

Bladow, Kyle A.--On Superior's Southern Shore: Land and Identity in Selected Works of Louise Erdrich and Jim Harrison 2009 

Kauffman, Krysthol--The Post-Freudian CAsebook Neuronovel 2010 

Martin, Michael Denny--Richard Wright's Revision of the Jim Crow Mythology in "Uncle Tom's Children" 2009 

Smith, J. Eric--Autobiographical Anxiety and the Creation of a Lyric-Narrative Poetics in the Early Work of B.H.... 2007 

Shrontz, Jason Mathew--Truth in Fiction in Lee Siegel's "Love and Other Games of Chance" 2008 

Acton, Tara--Venus Spinning 2009 

Avery, Kevin Chauncey--Scapes 2008 

Beardslee, Mark J.--Lifelines: The Wit, Wisdom and Woe of Paul Harry 2007 

Belant, Mary-Kay Wildenhain--Of Necessity 2008 

Benac, Erid Edwin Joseph--Cease to Exist 2009 

Bennon, Jennifer L.--The Passion and Redemption of Freddie Nutter 2008 

Berrigan, Richard Jr.--"Legacy of Kings" and "The Black Widow Curse" 2007 

Boal, Harger--Fruit Farm 2012 

Brandon, Cynthia Anne--Phantom Pains 2009 

Burrell, Ajani Sebastian--The Price of Water 2009 

Chaillier, Grace Caron--Mitakuye Oyasin 2008 

Cole, Shannon M.--Reciprocity: A Collection of Essays 2007 

Cole, Robert R.--Grizzly Heaven 2010 

Coleman, Isaac J.--Junk City 2010 

Daugherty, Justin Lawrence--Frontiers 2012 

Davie, William Robert--Prophesist 2009 

Didomenico, Raphael--Snow Day 2008 

Dobson, Chad R.--A Thicker Kind of Water 2009 

Dodson, Todd--"Actuaries" and Other Stories 

Evans, Jeffrey C.--Balore: The Jewel of the Mountain 2010 

Formolo, Mary Angela--Wise Woman Mandala 2011 

Gagliano, Amelia M.--Somewhere In Between 2012 

Giracca, Amanda Love--Mother Tongue 2009 

Guerriero, Anthony S.--Furthest From I 2009 

Hart, Cassidy Lachmann--American Limbo 2011 

Houle, Adam--Train Wrecjs and Other Endeavors 2007 

Janca, Joseph L.--Love in the Time of Cyberspace 2012 

Johnson, Linda--It Must Have Been 2008 

Johnson, Lynne M.--The Spiral Unwinding 2009 

Johnston, Timothy B.--Under a Rock: Essays of Events Unearthed, Overlooked and Pushed Aside 2011 

Keller, Abigail Hope--Dreaming the Train Underwater 2007 

Kepsel, Elizabeth J.--Teeth and Claws: A Collection of Reformed Fairy Tales 2012 

Kimball, Michelle--Sacrificial Luann 2010 

Krym, Michael Jamison--Reinventing the Wheel 2007 

Laverty, Thomas Russel, II Pigeon Solo 2009 

Lindala, April E.--Relations 2007 

Luebke, Heather--Presidents & Assholes 2010 

Maier, Molly Anne--Pocketful of Pebbles 2008 

Mann, Krista--Floating Away from the Moon 2011 

Markle, Jason J.--Stolen 2007 

Marsy, Luke A.--Distant Family 2009 

Mead, Erica Marais--Buoys 2011 

Menting, Michelle--Shooting Quills--Lyric Essays, Bagatelles, and Other Prosetry 2008 

Monroe, Richard Robert--Breakdowns: A Collection of Short Stories 2008 

Monger, John D.--The Gift of Tongues: Essays 2009 

Morgan, Susan A.--In the Middle: North of 45 2012 

Neuman, Meredith A.--Fallout: Part One 2011 

Page, Susan Renee--The Storyteller 2008 

Passinault, Kelly L.--Liquid Lies: A Play in One Act 2009 

Reckeweg, Brianna Kathleen--A Silver Tray 2007 

Redmon, Jason--Perception and Degree 2007 

Rich, Thomas E.--Long Walk on a Strange Road 2011 

Ryan, Aubrey--Tiger God 2010 

Schneider, Benjamin Joseph--Wilde Love 2007 

Schrontz, Jason--The Collected Letters and Unpublished Writings of Karin Pankreez, Novelist Aspirant 2011 

Tavernini, Rebecca--Acts of Nature 2011 

Thominet, Luke Anthony--Falls 2012 

Thayer, Casey--Self-Portrait as a Western Saddle 2009 

Wangler, Sarah J.--Miss Those Men 2009 

Whalen, Teague--Sheer Force of Will 2008 

Wielechowskie, Benjamin J.--Inhabiting God's Dream: A Universal Oxherder's Quest 2009 

Yeatts, Jennifer Joy Simula--Ode to the Other: Displacing Self in Poetry 2008 

Jackson, Christopher--Effects of Teacher-Directed and Student-Centered Instruction on Science Comprehension of Eighth Grade Students 2009 

McKimpson, Rhonda Lee--Student and Teacher Perceptions About Using Accommodations in the General Science Classroom 2008 

Barron, Timothy J.--Improving Test Scores in High School Physics Through the Use of Journals 2008 

Sanville, Michael William--Electrochemical Oxidation of Arsenic 2007 

LaFleur, Tori A.--Methylation and Patterns of Evolution in Imprinted Genes in the Mouse 2011 

Delpier, Chuck Santiago--Environmental Adventures Course: An Analysis of Student Writing to Guide Curriculum Development 2012 

Clement, Elsa Joan Clark--Effects of Collaborative Action Research and Biology Journaling Notebooks on High School Student Achievement 2009 

Manson, Wendy Hill--A Collaborative Effort to Improve High School Students' Success via Organized Biology Notebooks 2008 

Lebert, Danny C.--Migration of Murine Subventricular Zone Isolated Neurospheres 2011 

Danielson, Kimberly Sue--The Population Status of the Federally Threatened Pitcher's Thistle (Cirsium Pitcheri) in the Grand Sable.. 2012 

Zanon, Kenneth J.--Involvement of Hemoproteins from Black Locust Roots in Phytoremediation 2007 

Rutherford, Ryne Douglas--A Multi-Scaled Habitat Analysis of Lichen Communities on Granite Rock in the Huron Mountains, Marquette... 2010 

Danneman, Scott Eric--Identification of Yeast and Yeast-Like Fungal Species in the Upper Midwest Using Physiological and DNA Sequence... 2008 

Larson, Kimberly S.--Effects of Seed Mixture Composition and Cover Crop Usage on Productivity and Growth of Native... 2007 

McKenzie, Zeko--The Effects of Fall versus Spring Fires on Herbaceous Plants in Northern Hardwood Forests 2009 

Ward, Nagib M.--Reverse-Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatography Analyses of Grape (Vitis Vinifera)... 2008 

Skelton, James--Evaluation of the Trophic Ecology of a Freshwater Sponge and Two Sponge Predators via Stale Isotope Analyses 2010 

Esser, Lara Jin Qiu-ting--The Osmoregulatory Abilities of Freshwater Crabs from Thailand (Potamidae and... 2007 

Miedema, Kimberly Jaclynn--Distribution of the Deer Tick (Ixodes Scapularis) in a Corridor Between Marquette and... 2007 

Opalka, Tiffany J.--A Two-Year Temporal and Spatial Investigation of Questing Ticks in Marquette County, Michigan 2012 

Maskey, Amy E.--The Chironomidae (Insecta: Diptera) of Lake Superior: Ecology, Natural History, and Distribution... 2007 

Armichardy, Daniel J.--The Role of Migration in Community Dynamics in Beaver Lake Basin 2008 

Kusnierz, Paul C.--The Age Structure, Length, Condition, and Movement of Resident Coaster Brook Trout (Salvelinus Fontinalis) in Pictured... 2008 

Nowicki, Shawn M.--Healing, Classification and Hematological Assessments of Sea Lamprey (Petromoyzon... 2008 

Serfas, Carla A.--Seasonal Changes in Growth and Thyroid Hormones in Lake Superior Brook Trout 2009 

Stimmell, Sean P.--Migratory Activity of Two Strains of Brook Trout (Salvelinus Fontinalis) in Pictured Rocks... 2007 

Ruiter, Sara N.--The Behavior of Spawning Phase Sea Lampreys (Petromyzon Marinus) from Middle River, WI and its Relationship to a... 2008 

Rutherford, Jenny Lynn--Factors Affecting Predation on Wood Turtle (Glyptemys Insculpta) Nests in the Western Upper Peninsula of... 2011 

Oppelt, Eileen Johnston--Fall Survival of American Woodcock in the Western Great Lakes Region (2) 2007 

Weinandt, Meggin Leigh--Conversion Implications of Common Loon (Gavia Immer) Parasites: Black Flies,... 2007 

Wierda, Michael R.--Foraging Ecology of Pileated Woodpeckers in Dukes Experimental Forest in the Upper... 2008 

Malick, Sarah Lou--Effects of Patch Size, Isolation, and Habitat Characteristics on Small Mammal Community Structure in the Grand... 2011 

Hales, Andrea Leigh--Effects of Sex and Sge on Winter Diet in the American Marten in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan 2007 

Severud, William J.--American Beaver Foraging Ecology--Predation Avoidance, Diet, and Forage Availability 2012 

Slusher, Grant Montgomery--Non-Invasive Sampling in the Analysis of White-Tailed Deer Population Characteristics 2011 

Crockett, Benjamin A.--Intense Acoustic Stimulation Does Not Affect Subsequent Vertical Jump Performance in Humans 2009 

Petushek, Erich J.--Comparison of Countermovement Jump and Landing Knee Angle: 2D Video vs Electrogoniometry 2011 

Dorh, Nethania--Characterization of the R&R Consensus Region Using in Silico Molecular Modeling 2010 

Nielsen, Matthew John--The Effects of Exercise on Soluble Low Density Lipoprotein Receptor Related Protein in the... 2007 

Martin, Heather Ann--Quantification and Comparison of Metallothionein Levels in Crayfish (Orconectes Propinquus)... 2008 

Donegan, Maureen Suzanne--Effects of PD149163 of Spatial Working and Reference Memory in Rats Performing a Radial Arm Maze Task 2011 

Hillhouse, Todd M.--The Effects of the Neurotensin-1 Receptor Agonist PD149163 on Visiual signal Detection Task Performance in Rats 2011 

Lacrosse, Amber L.--Effects of PD149163 on Medial Prefrontal Cortical Dopamine Release in Rats 2010 

Schuck, Candice J.--Discriminative Stimulus Properties of PD149163 2010 

Thornton, Jennifer L.--Effects of PD149163 on Working Memory in a Delayed Non-Match to Position Task 2012 

Leewis, Mary-Cathrine Christina Elaine--Impact of Aquatic Macrophytes on Escherichia Coli Concentrations at... 2007 

Soto, Horacio--Manipulation of the Immune System to Increase Anti-Tumor Response Against Overexpressed HER-2/NEU Protein 2009 

Simmon, Jessie M.--The Comparison of Co-Stimulatory Surface Molecule Expression on Human Monocyte Derived Dendritic Cells Infected with... 2009 

Nimani, Avni Patrick--Molecular Modeling and Docking Analysis of the Variable Regions of an Anti-N6-Methyladenosine Monoclonal... 2009 

Hagembe, Juliana Liambaya--Effect of Antigenic Site Mutations on the Binding Specificity of an Anti-Hemagglutinin Antibody to H3N2 Influenza... 2009 

Aun, Jason Paul--Analysis and Quantitation of the Cross Presentation of Tumor Antigens Using the HIV Protein Transduction... 2009 

Sippel, Trisha Rene--Optimizing HER2 Antigen Presentation in the MHC I 2009 

Davis, Steven Michael--O6-Methylguanine-DNA Methyltransferase (MGMT) Gene Silencing Using RNA Interference and Sensitivity to Temozolomide 2008 

Segula, Justin Joseph--The Characterization and In Vitro Silencing of the Oncogene ZBTB7A in Malignant Glioma 2008 

Pinskey, Justine M.--Effects of 1Alpha,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 (Calcitriol) on Cultured Glioblastoma Multiforme Cells 2012 

Thibado, Vanessa Loraine--Methods to Increase Temozolomide Sensitivity in Glioblastoma Multiforme: Manipulating Parp-1 and MGMT 2011 

Nyman, Debra L.--Cognitive Deficits in Mental Rotation in Parkinson's Disease 2011 

Munsche, Heather Ann--Classification of Mental Illness in the 18th Century: A Comparison of the Nosologies of Carl Linnaeus, Francois... 2012 

Jacobson, Sarah M.--Role of 5-HT1A Receptors in the Ability of Idazoxan and Raclopride to Block Conditioned Avoidance Responding 2009 

Kennedy, Robin J.--Walking Wounded 2007 

Seglund, Peder Henrik--Cognative Deficits and Blood Sugar Control in Persons With Diabetes 2010 

Belz, Alexander--Between Beats 2012 

McCutcheon, Melinda J.--Oxygen Consumption: Effect of Lateral Pedal Width Variation Relative to Q-Angle in Avid Cyclists 2008 

Balasubramani, Saravanan--Effect of Foot Position on EMG and Force of the Upper and Lower Extremities 2008 

Burley, Keith C.--The Physiological Impact of Added Upper-Body Mass on Rowing Ergometry During Incremented Work Loads 2008 

Lundy, Audrey Sue--Effects of Water Ski Ramp on Sagittal Knee Flexion 2007 

Lewis, Matthew--Hamstring Muscle Activation Differences between Gender while Performing Single Leg Landings 2010 

Daniels, Eric John--Changes in Knee Valgus Angle of Female Athletes During Different Phases of the Menstrual Cycle 2012 

Rogers, Alyssia Joni--Effects of Source, Gender, and Age at Sound Exposure on Hearing in C57BL/6J Mice 2007 

Pyle, Emily Claire--The Kinetics of Neutralizing Anti-Viral Antibodies and the Production of a T Cell-Dependent Antibody Response during... 2008 

Slocum, Joseph K.--Steward of the Forest: A Bow Hunter's Journey 2009 

Bell, Kyle L.--Enrollment, Hiring Trends, and College Recruiting for Industrial Education Courses in Northeastern... 2007 

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