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Archivist File - Northern Michigan University
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Collection Inventory

Drawer 1 

Drawer 1

Administration--Accreditation Profile 

Administration--Administration and Office Staff 1953-1955 


Administration--Board of Control 

Administration--Board of Control Bylaws 

Administration--Chief Student Personal Administrators 

Administration--Department and Office Organization 

Anniversaries--30th Anniversary Military Ball 

Anniversaries--Centennial, Building for the 21st Century 

Anniversaries--Centennial, Celebration of Teaching Projects 

Anniversaries--Centennial, Alumni Awards Dinner and Program 

Anniversaries--Centennial, Centennial Commemorative Cards 

Anniversaries--Centennial, Centennial Committee Binder #1 

Anniversaries--Centennial, Centennial Committee Binder #2 

Anniversaries--Centennial, Centennial Committee Binder #3 and 4 

Anniversaries--Centennial, Centennial Celbration Campaign Plan Binder 

Anniversaries-- Centennial, Centennial Memorandum Binder 

Anniversaries--Centennial, Centennial Homecoming 

Anniversaries--Centennial, "Centennial Memories" Presentation 

Anniversaries--Centennial, Centennial Commemoration 

Anniversaries--Centennial, Centennial Video Project 

Anniversaries--Centennial, Centennial Committee Correspondence 

Anniversaries--Centennial, Centennial Article in Michigan History Magazine 

Anniversaries--Centennial, Events Programs 

Anniversaries--Centennial, Founders Day 

Anniversaries--Centennial, Kaye Ave Entrance Landmark Proposal 

Anniversaries--Centennial, Summer Centennial Reunion 

Anniversaries--Michigan Sesquicentennial 150th Birthday of Michigan 

Anniversaries--NMU's 75th 

Anniversaries--NMU's 75th, Miriam Hilton Book 

Athletics--Club Hockey (Pre-Varsity) 


Athletics--Football-1975 NCAA Champions 


Athletics--Swimming and Diving 

Awards--Distinguished Alumni 

Awards--Distinguished Citizen 

Awards--Distinguished Faculty 

Awards--Higher Education Awards Convocation of 1985 

Awards--Master List of All Award Recipients 

Awards--Student, The Gildo Canale Award 

Brochures--Welcome to Northern Michigan University 

Buildings--Berry Events Center 

Buildings--Building Access Guide 8-29-94 

Buildings--Bureau of Budget and Building Inventory 1969 

Buildings--Carey Hall 

Buildings--Cohodas Administrative Center 

Buildings--Dedication of John X. Jamrich Hall 

Buildings--D.J. Jacobetti Vocational Skills Center 

Buildings--Edgar L. Harden Learning Resources Center 

Buildings--Forest Roberts Theatre, Performances 

Buildings--Forest Roberts Theatre, Dedication of 

Buildings--Forest Roberts Theatre, Legends/Ghost of 

Buildings--Gries Hall/Health Center Dedication 10-13-1961 

Buildings--Hedgecock Fieldhouse 

Buildings--Jacobetti Center 

Buildings--John D. Pierce School 

Buildings--John X. Jamrich Hall 

Buildings--Kaye Hall 

Buildings--Lee Hall 

Buildings--Longyear Hall 

Buildings--Long Year Hall, Correspondence 

Buildings--Longyear Hall, Efforts to Save Longyear Hall 

Buildings--Longyear Hall Presentation 

Buildings--Longyear Hall Proposals (I) 

American Association of University Professors- 2012 Contract Negotiations 

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Drawer 2 

Drawer 2

Buildings--Longyear Hall Proposals (II) 

Buildings--Mini Dome 

Buildings--Newspaper Clippings and News Releases 

Buildings--Northern Michigan University Campus Buildings 

Buildings--Old Olson Library 

Buildings--Physical Education Instructional Facility 

Buildings--Peter White Hall of Science 

Buildings--Ripley Heating Plant 

Buildings--Residence Halls 

Buildings--Russell Thomas Fine Arts 

Buildings--"Plan for Future Physical Development" 1973 

Buildings--Property Acquisitions 

Buildings--Seaborg Center 

Buildings--Seaborg Science Complex 

Buildings--Superior Dome 

Buildings-- Superior Dome II 

Buildings--Superior Dome, Blueprints 

Buildings--Superior Dome, NMU Sports 

Buildings--Square Footage and Dedication Dates of NMU Buildings 

Buildings--University Center 

Buildings--Vielmetti Health Center 

Buildings--West Hall 

Buildings--West Science 


Colleges--Arts and Sciences 

Colleges--Arts and Sciences, Department Head 

Colleges--Arts and Sciences, Faculty/Staff Contributions 


Colleges--Business, Northern Michigan School of Banking 

Colleges--Business, Brochures 

Colleges--Business, Departmental and Committee Reports 1978-1989 

Colleges--Business, Departmental and Committee Reports 1979-1981 

Colleges--Business, Departmental and Committee Reports 1982-1983 

Colleges--Business, Departmental and Committee Reports 1983-1984 

Colleges--Business, Departmental and Committee Reports 1984-1987 

Colleges--Business, Departmental and Committee Reports 1985-1986 

Colleges--Business, Departmental and Committee Reports 1986-1987 

Colleges--Business, "Subscribers Perceptions on Cable Services..." 

Colleges--Graduate Studies 

Colleges--Graduate Studies, Follow-up Study of NMU M.A. Graduates 

Colleges--Graduate Studies, Review Reports 

Colleges--Professional Studies 

Colleges--Technology and Applied Sciences 

Colleges--Walker L. Cisler School of Business Historical Note 

Commencements--Address; May 2005 

Commencements--Commencement Ceremonies 

Commencements--Honorary Degree 

Commencements--Regalia, Motor Board, Symbols 

Commencements--The Mace 

Committees--Ad Hoc Committee Research Report of 1989 

Committees--Ad Hoc Committee 

Ad Hoc Committee Reports -- 1966, 1967, 1970, 1971, 1974 

Committees--AQIP Update 

Committees--Arts Recognition Committee 

Committees--Basic Skills 

Committees--Basic Learning Skills at NMU 

Committees--Academic Senate 

Committees--Board of Publications and Communication 

Committees--Commission on the Future of NMU 

Committees--Committee O 

Committees--Committee on Elections and Committees 

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Drawer 3 

Drawer 3

Committees--Department Heads 

Committees--Directory of NMU Department Committees 

Committees--Holocaust Education 

Committees--Human Rights Commission 

Committees--Human Rights Commission, Report 1969-1970 

Committees--Joint Committee on Teacher/Course Evaluations 


Committees--Marketing and Public Relations 

Committees--Marketing and Public Relations Report 1988 

Committees--New Learning Technologies 

Committees--NMU Commission for Women 

Committees--Services and Fringe Benefits 

Committees--Space Utilization 

Committees--Steering Report on the Physical Climate for Learning and Living 

Committees--Student Retention 

Committees--Work-Load, Work- Load Study 1989 


Controversies--Affirmative Action 

Controversies--Gun Control 

Controversies--March Against 'Slapping' Incident 

Controversies--McClellan Case 

Controversies--McGoff Distinguished Lecture Series 

Controversies--MTU Official in Dorm Incident 

Controversies--Native Plant Study Area/ Dorm 

Controversies--NMU Recruitment Video 

Controversies--Race Relations and Cultural Diversity 

Controversies--Sgt. Major Jimmy A. Powell Bites off Chicken Head 

Controversies--University Logo 

Curriculum--Class Schedule 1969 

Curriculum--K.I. Sawyer AFB Education Center Schedule of Classes; Fall 1974 

Curriculum--Proposals for New Academic Programs 

Departments--Art and Design 

Departments--Chemistry, Newsletter 

Departments--Communication Disorders 

Departments--Communications, Communication Plan 

Departments--Communication and Performance Studies 

Departments--Criminal Justice 



Departments--Education, Placement Services Survey 1983-1984 

Departments--Education, Establishment of Experimental Majors and Minors 



Departments--Health Physical Education and Recreation, Summer Skills Activities 


Departments--Labor Studies 


Departments--Military Science, ROTC 


Departments--Music, Programs 

Departments--Native American Studies 







Events--50th Anniversary Alumni Banquet 

Events--Alumni Reunion Classes 1937, 1939, 1940, 1941 

Events--Alumni Reunion Classes 1962, 1964, 1965, 1966 

Events--All Alumni Reunion 1986 

Events--All Athletic Reunion 1994 

Events--Ann Coulter Visit to NMU 

Events--Black History Month 

Events--Black Student Sit-In 

Events--Convocation Address 

Events--David Binder Program 

Events--Ellie Wiesel Holocaust Survivor Speaks at NMU 

Events--"Exploring Peace" A Teach-In 

Events--Gerald Ford Visit to NMU 

Events--President Obama's Visit to NMU   DVD of speech included in this file.

Events--Governor Inaugural Celebration 

Events--Harjo, Joy-Poetry Reading 

Events--Haywire Performance 

Events--Heritage Day 


Events--Honors Banquet/Convocation Chronology 

Events--Honors Banquet 

Events--ISU World Cup Speed Skating 

Events--Jenga Towers 

Events--Leadership Recognition Banquets 

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Drawer 4 

Drawer 4

Events--Magna Carta Display at NMU 1987 

Events--Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters Conference 1995 

Events--NMU Events in the 1990's 

Events--NMU Flag Goes to Space 

Events--Ojibwe Food Taster 

Events--Presidential Ball 

Events--Presidents Brunch and Alumni Awards Program 

Events--Presidential Election 2000 Student Observations 

Events--President George W. Bush's Visit to NMU 

Events--Possible Closure of NMU in the 1950's 

Events--Retirement and Service Award Luncheon 

Events--Set in Stone 

Events--Snow Activities 

Events--Sonderegger Symposium 

Events--United Conference 

Events--University Presidential Inauguration 

Events--U.P. Exposition 1961 

Events- Upper Peninsula Folklife Festival 

Events--Vietnam Moratorium 1969 

Events--Wildcat Battalion Military Ball 


Events--Women's History Month 

Faculty/Staff-- Academic Salaries in Michigan 

Faculty/Staff--Appleberry, James (separation record) 

Faculty/Staff--Appleberry, James- NMU: The Recent History 1957-1985 

Faculty/Staff--Appleberry, James- Speeches Fl. 1 

Faculty/Staff--Appleberry, James- Speeches Fl. 2 

Faculty/Staff--Appleberry, James- Speeches Fl.3 

Faculty/Staff--Bailey, Judith (separation record) 

Faculty/Staff--Bailey. Judi- "Judy's Journal" 


Faculty/Staff--Biographical Data on New Faculty (separation record) 

Faculty/Staff--Biographies of NMU Staff (separation record) 

Faculty/Staff--Bottum, Don H. (separation record) 

Faculty/Staff--Carey, Ethel M. (separation record) 

Faculty/Staff--Carey, Ethel- From Aida Outmer 

Faculty/Staff--Cohodas, Sam 

Faculty/Staff--Ervast, Lulu 

Faculty/Staff--Faculty Activity Analysis Oct. 1973 

Faculty/Staff--Faculty Members 1953-1954, 1954-1955 

Faculty/Staff--Faculty Publications 

Faculty/Staff--Faculty and Staff Orientations (separation record) 

Faculty/Staff--Glenn, Robert B. 

Faculty/Staff--Harden, Edgar L. 

Faculty/Staff--Harden, Edgar L. - NMU: The Recent History 1957-1985 


Faculty/Staff--Jamrich, John X. 

Faculty/Staff--Jamrich. John- NMU: The Recent History 1957-1985 

Faculty/Staff--Magnaghi, Russell M. 

Faculty/Staff--Obituary File 

Faculty/Staff--Olson, Lydia 

Faculty/Staff--Orientation, Quick Reference 

Faculty/Staff--Pearce, Webster 

Faculty/Staff--John Renfrew 



Faculty/Staff--Vandament, William F. 

Faculty/Staff--Waldo, Dwight 

Faculty/Staff--West, Wilbur 

Headlines--Articles about NMU 

History--Black Student Protests 1960's 

History--Wild Cat Willy. 

History--Job Corp 


Logo--NMU Logo/Flag 

Maps--University Campus 

Mascot--Wildcat Willy 

Memorabilia--Board of Control Time Capsule 

Memorabilia--Facts about NMU 

Memorabilia--Northern State Normal, The Opening 1899 

Memorabilia--Northern State Normal School, 1899-1927 

Memorabilia--Northern State Teachers College, 1927-1942 

Memorabilia--Northern Michigan College of Education 1942-1955 

Memorabilia--Northern Michigan College 1955-1963 

Memorabilia--Northern Michigan College Become a University 1963 

Memorabilia--Northern Michigan University 1963-Present 


Memorabilia--People, Lydia M. Olson 

Memorabilia--Places on Campus 

Memorabilia--Scrapbook 1920's 


Memorabilia--1975 NCAA Football Championship 





Memorabilia--Founding of Northern State Normal 1899 

Memorabilia--Histories of Northern by Albert Burrow 


Memorabilia--Reminiscences II 

Memorabilia--Northern Michigan College of Education Diplomas 

Memorabilia--1969 National Bowling Champions 

Mysteries--Paranormal Project 

Mysteries--Stone Wall Artwork 

Newsletter--Parent Partnership 2005 

NMU Faculty- Email Discussions- "Grade Inflation" 

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Drawer 5 

Drawer 5

Offices--Academic and Career Advisement Center 

Offices--Academic Computing 

Offices--Academic Information Services, Annual Report 1993-1994 

Offices--Academic Information Services, Minutes 

Offices--Academic Senate 

Offices--Admissions, Applications 

Offices--Admissions, "Guide for Transfer Students" 

Offices--Admissions, Program Descriptions 

Offices--Admissions, Promotional Information to Prospective Students 

Offices--Affirmative Action, Policies 


Offices--Alumni Office 

Offices--Alumni Association 

Offices--Alumni Association Brochures and Christmas Cards 

Offices--Alumni , Student Alumni Association 


Archives--Research Publications: "Food as Communication, Communication as Food." 


Offices--Bureau of School and Community College Services 

Offices--Athletics, Equality in Athletics in Disclosure Act 

Offices--Center for Native American Studies 

Offices--Center For U.P. Studies 

Offices--Communication and Marketing 

Offices--Conference and Catering Services 

Offices--Conference and Catering Services 

Offices--Continuing Education 

Offices--Continuing Education, Calendars and Schedules 

Offices--Continuing Education, Correspondence Course EN 210 

Offices--Continuing Education, Correspondence, Course Programs 

Offices--Continuing Education, Criteria for Non-Credit Education Programs 

Offices--Continuing Education, Criteria to be used in the Assignment of Units 

Offices--Continuing Education, NUFA Correspondence Subject Study 

Offices--Continuing Education, Professional Development Programs 

Offices--Continuing Education, Professional Seminars and Courses 

Offices--Continuing Education, Summer Session Budget 1969 

Offices--Continuing Education, Surveys 

Offices--Controller- Travel Policies, Regulations, and Procedures 

Offices--Counseling Center 

Offices--Counseling Services, "ADAPT" 

Offices--Dean of Students 

Offices--Dean of Students, Commuter Students 

Offices--Dean of Students, Student Withdrawals and GPA's 

Offices--Development Fund 

Offices--Development Fund, Calendar for 1997 

Offices--Dining Services 

Offices--Displaced Homemakers Center 

Offices--Diversity Student Services 

Offices--Diversity Student Services, Arthur Walker Scholarship 

Offices--Diversity Student Services, Brochures 

Offices--Financial Aid 

Offices--Financial Aid, Preliminary Evaluation Report 1984 

Offices--Financial Aid, Publications- "Financial Aid Guides" 

Offices--Financial Aid, Student Employment 

Offices--Food Services 

Offices--Housing and Residence Life, Brochures 

Offices--Housing and Residence Life, Dormitory Information 

Offices--Housing and Residence Life, Housing Payment Schedule 

Offices--Housing and Residence Life, Position Announcements 

Offices--Housing and Residence Life, Residence Hall 

Offices--Housing and Residence Life, Student Housing Handbook 

Offices--Human Resources/Payroll 

Offices--Human Resources/Payroll, 1978 Classification Plan Memos 

Offices--Human Resources/Payroll, Classification Descriptions 

Offices--Human Resources/Payroll, Classification and Salary Manual 

Offices--Human Resources/Payroll, Clerical/Technical Handbook 

Offices--Human Resources/Payroll, Clerical/Technical Job Description 

Offices--Human Resources/Payroll, Employee Benefit Memos 1972-1980 

Offices--Human Resources/Payroll, Personnel Policy Manual 

Offices--Human Resources/Payroll, Secretarial/Clerical Orientation 

Offices--Human Resources/Payroll, Selecting Your Retirement Program 

Offices--Human Resources/Payroll, Suggestions for Counseling Subordinates 

Offices--Institutional Research, Annual Progress Reports 

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Drawer 6 

Drawer 6

Offices--International Affairs. Annual Report 1967-1968 

Offices--Learning Resources Division 

Offices--Learning Resources Division, Instructional Media Services 

Offices--Learning Resources Division, Programs and Services 

Offices--Lydia M. Olson Library 


Offices--Northern Economic Initiatives Center 

Offices--Northern Michigan University Press 


Offices--Provost, Academic Affairs Road Map 

Offices--Placement and Career Planning 

Offices--Placement and Career Planning, Annual Reports 1965-1972 

Offices--Placement and Career Planning, Annual Reports 1973-1980 

Offices--Placement and Career Planning, Preliminary Evaluation Report 

Offices--Placement, Placement Profiles 

Offices--Placement, Statement of Teacher Placement 

Offices--President- Convocation; August 22, 2007 

Offices--Provost- Academic Affairs Road Map 

Offices--Public Safety and Police Services 

Offices--Public Safety and Police Services, Annual Reports 

Offices--Public Safety and Police Services, Drunk Driving Brochure 

Offices--Public Safety and Police Services, Vehicle Ordinances 

Offices--Public Services 

Offices--Public Services, Annual Reports 1957-1960 

Offices--Public Services, Annual Reports 1960-1964 

Offices--Public Services, Annual Reports 1964-1968 

Offices--Public Services, Job Corp 

Offices--Public Services, Summary Reports 


Offices--Small Business Development Center 

Offices--Sports Information 

Offices--Student Activities Office 

Offices--Student Activities and Leadership, Publications, Activity and Program Updates 

Offices--Student Activities and Leadership, Publications, Skill Builders 

Offices--Student Activities Publication 

Offices--Student Supportive Services 



Offices--USOEC, Athletic Usage Anaylsis 

Offices--USOEC, Fact Sheet 1994 

Offices--USOEC, Midwest Olympic Training Site Planning Grant 

Offices--USOEC, Proposal for NMU to be an Olympic Training Center 

Offices--USOEC, Proposed Great Lakes Olympic Training Site 1980 

Offices--Veteran Affairs 

Offices--Vice President of Academic Affairs 

Offices--Vice President of Academic Affairs-The University in 1985: A Proposal 

Offices--Vice President for Finance and Administration, Correspondence 

Offices--Vice President for Finance and Administration, Tuition, Housing Charges 

Offices--Vice President for Student Affairs 


Offices--Women's Center 

Organizations--First Nighters Club 

Organizations--AAUP Candidacy for President 

Organizations--ASNMU, Course Description Booklet 

Organizations--ASNMU, Election Material 

Organizations--ASNMU, Planning Commissions, The SIRS Report 

Organizations--ASNMU, Representative Correspondence 

Organizations--ASNMU, Student Council Write Ups in the Northern News 

Organizations--ASNMU, Update E-Mail 

Organizations--ASNMU, Student Government Notes and Constitution 

Organizations--Campus Ministry 

Organizations--Freethinking Atheists and Agnostics 

Organizations-- International Film Guild 

Organizations--Tau Pi Nu 

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Drawer 7 

Drawer 7

Organizations--Sisters of X 

Organizations--Students for Professors 

Organizations--Superior Edge 

Organizations--First Impressions 

Organizations--Radio X (WUPX) 

Organizations--All NMU Organizations 

Organizations--Kappa Phi Chi 

Organizations--Anishinabe Club 

Organizations--Intervarsity Christian Fellowship 

Organizations--Student Girls League 

Organizations--Delta Mu Delta 

Organizations--Lambda Chi Alpha 

Organizations--Chess Club 

Organizations--Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Student Union 

Organizations--Native American Student Association 

Organizations--University Women 

Organizations--Beta Beta Beta 

Organizations--Phi Alpha Theta 

Organizations--History Students 

Organizations--Phi Delta Kappa 

People--Bailey, Judith 

People--Chittwood, Maybelle 

People--Drake, Dallas 

People--McCullough, Edward 

People--Harden, Elizabeth C 

People--Honorary Degree Recipients 

People--People--WWII Veterans 

People--Schreuder, Ellen G. 

People--Izzo, Tom 

People--Jamrich, John X.- Mayo Clinic Recitals 

People--Money, Esther 

People--Money, C.V. 

People--McGoff, John P. 

People--Marucci, Steve 

People--Meyland, Anita 

People--Native American Issues 

People--Robyns, Marcus   Includes CD-R of Interview of Marcus Robyns done by Chris Kern for EN 205: Introduction to Professional Writing. Topic: Professional Writing in Archival Studies. Date: 9/22/2011

People--Kaufman, Louis 

People--Vielmetti, Ada B. 

People--White, Peter 

People--Wong, Leslie E. 

Places--Ada B. Vielmetti: Health Center 

Places--Ada B. Vielmetti: Health Center Evaluations 1978 

Places--Heart of Northern 

Places--KI Sawyer 

Places--Lee Hall Gallery 

Places--Longyear Forest 

Places--Lydia M. Olson Library 

Places--Lydia M. Olson Library, Moses Coit Tyler Collection 

Places--Memorial Field 

Places--NMU Field Station at Cusino Lake 

Places--NMU Historical Marker 


Property--Botanical Survey of NMU Property, by Emily Magnaghi 

Proposals--Individual and Organization Development 

Public Services--Public Radio and Television 

Publications--AAUP Electronic Bulletin 

Publications--AAUP Discussion List 

Publications--AAUP Update 

Publications--AAUP Update II 

Publications--The Academe 

Publications--Academic Computing News 

Publications--Academic Digest 

Publications--Advising Notes 

Publications--Academic Calendar 

Publications--Agenda 1985-1987 

Publications--Agenda 1988 

Publications--Agenda 1989 

Publications--Agenda 1990 

Publications--Agenda 1991-1993 

Publications--Anishinabe Passweweshin 

Publications--Anishnaabe News (Native American) 

Publications--APSA Newsletter 

Publications--Bottum Line 


Publications--Bureau of Business and Economic Research Newsletter 

Publications--Campus Community Living 

Publications--Campus Calendar 

Publications--Campus Review 

Publications--Career Connections 

Publications--Career News and Views 

Publications--The Center for Gerontological Studies 

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Drawer 8 

Drawer 8

Publications--College of Arts and Sciences Update 

Publications--Commuter Student Services 

Publications--Dean's Newsletter 

Publications--The Dish 

Publications--Driver's Education Workshop Materials 

Publications--Educating Generations 

Publications--Energy Conservation 

Publications--Exponent, A Mathematics Newsletter 



Publications--Forecast (Calendar of Events) 1973-1974 

Publications--Forecast (Calendar of Events) 1975-1981 

Publications--Frozen Grapevine, A Graduate Assistant Newsletter 

Publications--The Full Court Press 

Publications--History of NMU Publications 

Publications--Human Rights Commission 


Publications--Inside View 

Publications--Keeper's Voice 

Publications--Liaison, Lydia 


Publications--Master Plan 

Publications--Media Resource Directory 1993 

Publications--Mining Journal Supplement "Welcome Back NMU" 

Publications--Naturally Global 

Publications--News Release 

Publications--The Nishinaube News 

Publications--Northern Directions 

Publications--Northern's Economic Impact 

Publications--Northern Horizions 

Publications--Northern Lites and U.C. Calendar of Events 

Publications--Northern News 

Publications--Northern News--Style Book and Study Guide, 2nd Edition; 1961 

Publications--NMU's Community Connection 

Publications--Nursing News 


Publications--Office of Academic Affairs Update 

Publications--Policy and Information Guide--Alcohol and Other Drugs 

Publications-- Presidents News Letter 

Publications--Preview--Public Radio 90 Publication Post-1990 

Publications--Preview-- Public Radeio 90 Publications- Pre-1991 

Publications--Registrar's Update 

Publications--Seaborg Center Bulletin 

Publications--Skill Builders 


Publications--Social Science Speakers Bureau 

Publications--Student Artists and Writers Magazine 

Publications--Student Directory 1949-1959 

Publications--Student Employment Handbook 

Publications--Student Organization News 

Publications--Student Life 

Publications--A Summary of the Economic Impact of NMU 

Publications--Summer Orientation Handbook 

Publications--Superior Horizons/Business Horizons 

Publications--The Superior Monitor 


Publications--The Decisive Season 

Publications--A Time to Teach 

Publications--U.P. Date 

Publications--University Club Newsletter 


Publications--Using College Majors in Career Planning 




Publications--Wildcat Wellness 

Publications--Write On 

Publicity--Northern News 

Reminiscences--Gene Whitehouse 

Reminiscences--John W. Renfrew 

Reminiscences--John X. Jamrich 

Reminiscences--Priscilla Densmore 

Reports--Systems Appraisal Feedback Report 2006 

Standards--NMU Signature 

Standards--Producing University Publications 

Student Life--Study Abroad 

Studies--Analysis of a Freshman Early Entry Questionnaire, 1966; Results and Analysis of a Questionnaire Distributed to Participants in the Freshman Early Entry Institute, 1968 

Studies--Double Counting Credits 

Studies--Marketing and Recruitment Study 

Studies--North Central Self Study 

Studies--Research to Eliminate Vocational Education Role Stereotyping 

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Drawer 9 

Drawer 9

Studies--Title IX Self Evaluation, Preformed by NMU 1976 

Technology--Laptops on Campus 

Tragedies--September 11, 2001 

Tragedies--September 11, 2001 - Student Accounts 

Tragedies--Student Deaths 

Tragedies--Student Deaths-Accident Reports 


Unions--AAUP - Email Debate of Contract; 2006 

Unions--AAUP - Leadership 


Unions--Unions at NMU 

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