NMU Volunteer Center

The NMU Volunteer Center

"Finding one's self begins with losing yourself in the service of others." ~Gandhi

The NMU Volunteer Center was formed in 1992 to provide a link between the Marquette community and Northern Michigan University.  At the Volunteer Center, NMU students and student organizations can find out about volunteer opportunities and local contact information for non-profit organizations looking for volunteers.

The Volunteer Center also hosts its own events, such as Make A Difference Day.  A volunteer e-mail update in Student Connect is sent out twice a week to all students, faculty and staff and highlights volunteer opportunities and upcoming events in the community. Finally, the Volunteer Center works to encourage service through recognizing volunteers’ achievements.

Please contact the Volunteer Center/Superior Edge coordinators, at 906-227-2466, volctr@nmu.edu, or drop in at 1215 University Center with any questions or for assistance.


Welcome to the Volunteer Center!

Top Row: Rachel (CSE Director), Danielle (Graduate Assistant), Georgia, Nick, Holly and Michaela (Superior Edge/Volunteer Center Coordinators)

Bottom Row: Hannah (CSE Coordinator), Bridgette, Melissa, and Katie (Superior Edge/Volunteer Center Coordinators)