Monday, March 18th, 5-9pm in the Payne/Halverson lobby

Tuesday, March 19th, 10am-5pm in the University Center atrium


Interested in registering to be a bone marrow donor or learning more about this lifesaving process?

What you find out might just surprise you.

Registering to be a donor is quick, painless, and totally free. Just a cheek swab is all that it takes to join the registry!

Only 1 in 540 registrants are actually called to donate.

If you are one of those selected, it completely voluntary and you are in no way obligated to donate.

The patient you could be matched with could have one of over 70 different diseases, such as leukemia. If a bone marrow transplant is necessary, without a successful donation, there is often a 100% chance of death.

If you do decide to donate, your transportation costs, lodging, and medical bills will be paid by Be the Match. You will also be compensated for time you spend missing work!

There are a lot of misconceptions about the donation process. It is probably a lot easier and less painful than you think!

Interested? Come get even more info or register at the drive! This opportunity is also open to the community.


For even more information, please contact the NMU Volunteer Center or check out the Be the Match website!