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If you know someone who should be recognized for their wonderful volunteering efforts, let us know!  Currently we are looking for our March Volunteer of the Month, so email us if you know someone at volctr@nmu.edu by March 25th ! The winner will receive a $25 gift card, an ad in the NorthWind, recognition on our Facebook, website, Twitter and the weekly email updates!

Check out our past Volunteers of the Month for the 2014-2015 school year!

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Thanks to our awesome student volunteers, we have been able to complete many exciting projects on campus and in the community each year!




Check out the Volunteer Center on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates on all things service!




Keep an eye open all year long for great volunteer opportunities!

Northern Volunteers

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Total Hours This Year:  7,291
Top OrganizationsHours
American Graffiti House518.5
Student Leader Fellowship Program208
Treasure Island House200
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Volunteer of the Month


Now taking nominations for Volunteer of the Month! Winners receive a $25 gift certificate to Casa Calabria and a short article in the North Wind. To nominate a student volunteer, fill out this short nomination form and either email it to the Volunteer Center or drop it off in our office (1205 UC).

Volunteer Requests
Are you looking for volunteers?  The NMU Volunteer Center sends an e-mail out to approximately 3,000 students each week. Do you want your activity included?  Fill out one of these forms and we will do what we can to get you volunteers!

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You and the Volunteer Center
Are you looking to get involved in the Marquette community?  Click here to see how the NMU Volunteer Center can help you!  We also can work with your student organization to find the perfect project.  For more information on our student organization services, click here.