Equipment Available from the Seaborg Center

Checkout Policy

  • All materials must be picked up from and returned to the Seaborg Center. At this time, we are unable to mail or deliver materials to borrowers.
  • You must become a registered user by signing up or phoning our office at 227-2002. We will need to know your name, address, daytime phone, work phone and school (where applicable).
  • The checkout period is two weeks. Materials can be renewed by phone or in person for an additional two weeks as long as the materials have not been reserved by another patron.
  • Materials may be reserved in advance for a specific date.
  • Any materials that are damaged or lost must be paid for by the patron.
  • Materials may be loaned to teachers, pre-service teachers, home-school educators, administrators and other members of the community.


Dewars Liquid Nitrogen Cylinders: (five liter, 10 liter, and two quart sizes):
Teachers must be trained in the safe handling of liquid nitrogen and be familiar with the operation of the equipment. A liability release is required from the district’s superintendent. Students may not use the cylinder. Schools must furnish their own nitrogen.

Hand protection and goggles (not safety glasses) are to be worn when dispensing and handling liquid nitrogen. These are checked out with the cylinder.

GPS Units:
Garmin vista CX Units – available on loan to classrooms

Graphing Calculators:
Eight TI-84 Plus Silver Edition are available for classroom use
These will interface with vernier probes – also available for loan

Ground-water ModelGroundwater Flow Model:
This model of groundwater flow includes a cross section of various layers of permeability, a lake, a stream, and several wells. Electric aquarium pump is included.

Model is 12” high x 20” long, with a compartment in back to hold water.

StarLab Portable Planetarium: StarLab is available for loan to teachers who have attended a workshop on how to use the planetarium. StarLab is an inflated structure 16 feet across and 11 feet high, and it can accommodate up to 25 students.

Projection cylinders for StarLab: starfield, constellations, celestial coordinates, deep sky objects, solar system and galaxy, Lewis and Clark, the earth, plate tectonics, ocean currents, weather, Native American mythology and Greek mythology.

The Seaborg also sponsors StarLab presentations at your school by planetarium specialist Scott Stobbelaar. The equipment is provided at no charge, but there is a fee to cover Mr. Stobbelaar’s time. For information on presentations, call our office 906-227-2002.Dip net

Stream Sampling Equipment: 
Waders (two pairs)
Kick net
10 Dip nets


This wooden device projects a bright 3.25-inch solar image onto a five-inch white viewing screen. It is easily aligned to the sun and allows students to track sunspots as they appear, move, and vanish.


Vernier Sensors: (Sets of 12)

  • heart rate monitor
  • dual-range force sensor
    magnetic field sensor
  • light sensor
    gas pressure sensor
  • motion sensor
    pH sensor
  • conductivity probe

Vernier CBL Units: (Set of 10)

Wolf TrunkWolf Educator Box: This trunk contains 12 stations for teaching about mammals, predator-prey relationships, adaptation and ecology. The box contains seven skulls, six pelt samples, 12 latex animal paws, along with puzzles, puppets and self-directed activities.