Commuter Student Services

A commuter student is any student who attends classes at NMU but does not live on campus. To make your campus experience as comfortable as possible, a wide range of services and facilities are available, which have been designed with the typical commuter’s needs in mind.


No matter what personal vehicle you use to travel to campus – car, motorcycle or bicycle – it must be registered with the NMU Public Safety in one of the designated commuter student parking lots, conveniently located throughout NMU’s campus. Maps are available at the NMU Public Safety Department and knowing your rights as a motorist is your responsibility. The registration fees are nominal.

A Carpooling Network service is also provided by the Dean of Students Office, and allows commuter students from across the Upper Peninsula to share in the cost and time of driving to campus. If you live in Marquette County, public transportation bus services are also available. Contact either the Marquette County Transportation System at 906-225-1112 or the Dean of Students Office at 906-227-1700 for routes and schedules.

Child Care Information

A broad range of alternative childcare services are available to NMU students who are parents of preschool children. Services available include:

  • Baby sitters: NMU Career Services prepares a list of NMU students who wish to baby-sit for their peers.
  • Child care registry: A service provided by the Dean of Students Office for those students seeking information about childcare providers prior to making contact with them. For more information contact the Dean of Students Office at 906-227-1700.
  • Community Coordinated Child Care (4 C’s): A non-profit organization that serves the Marquette community by helping adults better understand children and their needs. 4 C’s publishes a booklet that provides a complete listing of all childcare providers (commercial and licensed home care) in the Marquette area, as well as a wealth of information about social and recreational programs and activities for children. For more information, contact the 4 C’s of the U.P. at 906-228-3362.


Several day lockers are located around campus for student rental at $25 per semester. Lockers are located in West Science and Learning Resources Center. Lockers are also available in both the men's and women's locker rooms at the PEIF for students who have a PEIF pass at a rental cost of $30 per semester. PEIF locker tental includes towel service. While in the University Center, you may also use one of the lockers at the NMU Bookstore, which requires a quarter deposit that is returned when you remove your items.