Women's Ice Hockey - Player Bios

2016 - 2017 NMU Women's Hockey Team


Alyssa Huiskens #7

Year: Freshman
Major: Zoology
Experience: 10 years
Hometown: Traverse City, Michigan
Why NMU: Outdoor atmosphere and hockey
Anna Cockey

Anna Cockey #18

Year: Freshman
Major: Zoology
Experience: 12 years
Hometown: Naperville, Illinois
Why NMU: The cold, the hockey, the outdoors

Caitlyn Muehlbacher

Caitlyn Mühlbacher #95

Year: Senior
Major: Mathematics
Experience: 17 years
Hometown: New Lenox, Illinois
Why NMU: Adventure

Ellise Jeannequin

Ellise Jeannequin #8

Year: Sophomore
Major: Muiltimedia Journalism 
Experience: 6 years
Hometown: Corona, California
Why NMU: Well, cause you guys are the best....

Eve Feldman

Eve Feldman #6

Year: Freshman
Major: Art and Design Illustration
Experience: 4 years
Hometown: Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan
Why NMU: Outdoors

Kelsey Weyland

Kelsey Weyland #43

Year: Senior
Major: Hospitality and Tourism Management
Experience: 17 years
Hometown: Shelby Township, Michigan
Why NMU: Isn't it obvious..?

Roni Hiley #10

Year: Junior
Major: Criminal Justice
Experience: 10 years
Hometown: Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
Why NMU: For the Subarus!

Kendall Turro

Kendall Turro #3

Year: Senior
Major: Exercise Science
Experience: 14 years
Hometown: LaGrange, Illinois
Why NMU: It's fun

Vanessa Hiley

Vanessa Hiley #22

Year: Junior
Major: Psychology
Experience: 10 years
Hometown: Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
Why NMU: It was the only place I got accepted

Sydney Higgins

Syd Higgins #91

Year: Sophomore
Major: Business management
Experience: 13 years
Hometown: Marquette, Michigan
Why NMU: I love hockey and my hometown

Mary Schimmel

Mary Schimmel #19

Year: Sophomore
Major: Nursing
Experience: 5 years
Hometown: Alpena, Michigan
Why NMU: Neature and puck!

Macy Schultz

Macy Schultz


Steve Robare

Steve Robare, Assistant Coach

Years Coaching: 9 years of Coaching
Hockey Experience: 52 years
Hometown: Marquette, MI
Why NMU: The experience

Gregg Swajanen

Gregg Swajanen, Head Coach

Years Coaching: 18 years of Coaching
Hockey Experience: 33 years
Hometown: Marquette, MI
Why NMU: Good challenge; Thought I could contribute and learn something at the same time