Team & Initiative Program


ORC offers a two hour leadership and teamwork seminars for teams and youth groups. The ORC staff and the PEIF can help your team or group become more effective and successful both as a group members and as individuals.

Seminars are geared towards developing communication and group skills with teams of youth, the drills emphasize leadership, respect, group cooperation, communication, leadership and problem solving. 

Activities are structured for a gym space; ORC facilitators can do drills at the PEIF or at a school or activity center gym. 

Two hours scheduled, available for groups of 8 - 100.

The leadership and teamwork seminar activities include but are not limited to...

Introduction and Description of Activity  
Introductory Exercise - Affirmation Toss Group up in a circle, person with ball introduces themselves, and tells the group something about themselves.
Person the ball is tossed to has to give the first person a positive affirmation, then repeat the process until the entire group has passed the ball.
Rope Work With a large 30 to 50 foot length rope, participants grab ahold of the rope and form a large circle. 
Without letting go of the rope, participants attempt to draw figures with the rope.
The Treacherous River Crossing With pieces of paper, the group attempts to cross an imaginary river with stepping stones of paper.
The goal is to have a person's foot on the 'rocks' at all times. 
Have yourself or a disinterested participant be the current in the river, snatching away the river rocks if no foot is holing them in place. 
Group Carry Firemans carry
Rope Sling Carry Participants attempt to carry one of the group with a rope seat they construct.
Radioactive Core Transport Using a long rope, form a 'radioactive' pool of hot water, hazardous if stepped in.
At the center, place a 'radioactive core' of a heavy medicine ball. Lay sets of 'control rod' ropes to maneuver the hot core. 
Object is to move the core our of the pool using the 'control rods'.
Anti-Gravity Toss See how many balls the group can keep moving in a circle, tossing them gently and 'roundhouse' style. 
If the group can get multiple balls moving successfully, reverse one or more of the balls. 
Catch the Dragon's Tail 8 - 10 people, linked line arms around the person in front, bandana in back pocket, head tries to catch the tail of the dragon
House of Cards Stack  Competing teams try to build the tallest house of stacked, single sheet newspaper 'blocks'.
Emphasize assembly line style of building. 
Fox and Squirrel Two balls are foxes, one smaller ball is the squirrel.
Group in a circle, object of task is to capture the squirrel; tagging the person holding a squirrel with a fox. 
Foxes have to be passed around the circle, squirrel can be passed or tossed across the circle. 
Stand Up Linked hands back to back, groups of two try to stand up and sit down together. 
Presage for the main closing group sit/stand. 
The Blob A few members of the group link hands and attempt to grab hold of the rest of the group one by one. 
If a player is touched by the blob, they become assimilated with the blob while it tries to capture the rest of the group. 
Group Knot Form a tight circle, grasp hands of people around you, then try to untie the knot. 
Dodgeball as a Breakout A few minutes of undirected unwinding.
Group Sit  


For more information or to schedule a program for a personal group, contact NMU Recreational Sports at 227-2519. You can also stop by the ORC, located next to the climbing wall.

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