Broomball Rules

Participants should participate with the understanding that injuries do occur & realize that taking part in the Intramural Program is completely voluntary. Therefore, Northern Michigan University is not responsible for injuries happening during play.

Students must purchase a student recreation pass to be eligible to participate.  You must show the intramural staff your I.D. in order to participate.  Faculty/Staff and Community Recreation members must purchase a recreation membership in order to participate in I.M.’s.  Community members must be 16 years of age. Students who are found to be participating without a current rec pass will be automatically charged the semester rate of $70.00 to their student account. 

The Intramural Manager’s Meeting will be done on-line.  An e-mail, which is in place of the manager’s meeting, will be sent to the manager the morning following the deadline.  It will be the manager’s responsibility to read the email and relay the information to the remainder of the team.

Your team schedule will be sent to the team manager the Friday after the deadline date.  Play could begin as early as the Sunday following the deadline date.  It is the responsibility of each of the team managers to check their e-mail on a regular basis for team schedules and updates.  The Intramural Office will not call team managers to notify them of their team’s first game.  It is the responsibility of the team manager to inform their team of the game dates and times. 

Teams are expected to begin play on time.  A team has 10 minutes to arrive after the clock begins.  If the team is more than 10 minutes late, a forfeit will be declared, and a $25.00 fee will be charged to the team manager’s student account.  Teams who forfeit during the course of the regular season may not be eligible for tournament play.

Teams who forfeit twice will be dropped from further competition and charged a total of $50.00. You may call the Intramural Office at 227-1692 at least 48 hours prior to your game time in order to avoid the late fee.  Make sure to leave your team name, game time, and league.

➢ All protests must be filed by the team manager at the time the question occurs.
➢ Protests concerning rule interpretations will be settled at the game site by the officials, or the sport supervisor.
➢ If a team manager believes the decisions rendered to be in error, he/she must notify the officials and supervisors that the contest will continue under protest.
➢ A written protest and a $5.00 protest fee must be submitted to the Intramural Sports Coordinator by noon the following day.  The fee will be returned if the protest is upheld.
➢ A matter involving the official’s judgment is not subject to protest.
➢ A protest concerning a player’s eligibility can be made before, during, or after a contest.

  1. If an eligibility question is before or during a contest, the player and team manager will be notified and given the choice of whether or not the player will play.
  2. If the player chooses to play and is found ineligible, the contest will be forfeited and that player suspended from further participation for that sport’s season.
  3. If the player leaves the contest and is found to be ineligible, the contest may be subject to review by the Intramural Sports Coordinator.
  4. A protest regarding the eligibility of players must be made before either team plays its next scheduled game.

Eligibility questions after a contest will be investigated by the Intramural Sports Program. Participants found ineligible will be penalized accordingly.

The referee shall inspect and approve all equipment.  He/she shall not permit any player to wear equipment which in his/her judgment is dangerous to other players.  Elbow, hand, finger, wrist, or arm guard, cast, or brace made of any hard substance even though covered with soft padding shall always be declared illegal. 

Brooms will be furnished by the Intramural Sports Department.  Personal brooms are not allowed.

Helmets, balls, brooms and pinnies will be furnished by the Intramural Department. 

Each team manager will be held responsible for any of the above equipment damaged or not returned.

All jewelry must be taken off or taped prior to game time.

NOTE: Shin guards, elbow pads, knee pads are allowed, but must be worn under clothing! 

Berry Events Center Ice

Six (6) players shall make up a full team; however, a game may begin with four (4) players.  Each team must have a goalie to begin.  The goalie is the only player allowed in the goal crease except when the ball is in the crease.  There should be two woman and two men on the field at all times.  If playing with five players, fifth player can be either male or female.

Goalies and rovers will rotate after each period as follows:

  • 1st Half – Female Goalie, Male Rover
  • 2nd Half – Male Goalie, Female Rover
  • OT Period - Teams choice, rover and goalie are opposite sex.

Valid I.D.’s are required and will be checked prior to each game.

Offensive and defensive players must stay on their half of the ice.  Only the rover can go back and forth across the center line.

**Goalie must have a broom at all times and remain standing on two feet.  Face masks are provided.



  1. Time
    a. Games will consist of two twenty minute halves.  Time is continuous for each half except during time-outs, injuries, and unusual delays.
    b. During playoffs, each overtime period lasts for five (5) minutes of continuous time.  The winner will be determined on a sudden death basis (first team to score wins).  There will be no time-outs during overtime.  If game remains a tie at end of five minute OT, a shootout will take place. 
    c. Each team has one time-out per game, lasting one minute. 
  2. There will be no OT periods during the regular season, game will end in a tie.
  3. There will be a five (5) minutes intermission at half time.


A face-off is conducted to start play.  The ball is dropped on the ice between two brooms (one from each team).  All other players should be standing at least 15 feet from the face off.  The ball must first touch the ice before a player hits it.  Violation of this rule will result in the opposing team's possession.

A face off in the end zone shall occur and the play whistled dead if the goals are moved out of position by a defending player and the goals interfere with the play.

A face off in the neutral zone shall occur if the goals are moved out of position by an attacking player or after a goal is scored. 


  1. Each goal is worth one (1) point.
  2. A goal is scored when the offensive team shoots the ball into the opposing teams’ net.

Substitutions can be made on a WHISTLE ONLY.  A female must substitute for a female and a male for male.


  1. Each team is allowed one (1) minute time-out per game.
  2. No time-outs are allowed during overtime.


1. A broken broom is considered a dangerous piece of equipment and under no circumstances is a player to continue playing with a broken broom.  The player must get a new broom immediately.
2. If a player is found to be deliberately misusing equipment, which is damaged or broken as a result, that player will be required to pay the full replacement cost of the equipment.
3. A player's broom may not attempt to make contact with the ball above the waist.  Stoppage of play will result, and the opposing team will receive possession. 
4. A player shall not interfere with the play (or ball) when it's caught in the goal's net. 
5. A player shall be allowed to kick the ball from one player to another.  A kick pass shall be treated as a stick pass.  A player cannot score by kicking the ball; shots must be made with the stick. 
6.  A player is allowed to stop the ball with his/her hand and direct the ball to the ice.  A player shall not be permitted to carry or advance the ball with any part of the body other than their feet.  Stoppage of play will result, and the opposing team will receive possession.
7.  A team that scores a gap of 12 goals against the opposing team will be awarded the match.
8. A goal shall be scored when the ball has legally passed between the goal post below the cross bar and completely across the goal line.
9. If the shot of an attacking player has been deflected into the goals by any part of the body of another attacking player, the goal shall be allowed and the player off whom the ball was deflected shall be credited with the assist.  The goal shall not be accepted if the ball has been kicked, thrown or otherwise deliberately directed into or deflected off a defender into the goal by any other means other than a broom. 
10. No goal shall be allowed if any attacking player precedes the ball into the goal square.  A player is considered in the goal square as long as part of his/her body is in contact with the ice inside the goal square.
11. A goal scored from a high broom shall not be allowed, except from the broom of a defensive player in his/her own net.  
12. After a goalie makes a save, they may inbound the ball by passing it with their hand, kicking it off the ice, or hitting it with their stick.  Punting the ball is not allowed.  Regardless of the way the goalie enters the ball back into play, it must touch a player first before crossing the mid-court line.  Also, a legal hand pass must touch a player or the wall behind the goal line. 
13. A player may at no time have more than one broom in his/her hands while play is in progress.


For all loss-of-possession violations, the ball will be put in possession of the team who didn't commit the violation.  When a player inbounds the ball from a loss-of-possession violation, opposing players must be a full stick length away, and the inbound can be a pass or a shot.

  • High sticking
  • Passing/carrying the ball with any part of a player's body other than their feet
  • When a player taking a face off touches the ball before it hits the ground
  • When a goalie's inbound pass crosses mid-court before touching a player



ABSOLUTELY NO DRINKING is allowed before playing in Intramural Sports Activities!  If an official, for any reason, suspects that a player has been drinking prior to playing, that player will not be allowed to participate in the game.  If anyone is found using tobacco products or drinking he/she will be asked to leave the building and will be indefinitely suspended pending a meeting with the Intramural Sports Coordinator.