Battleship Tournament

Battleship H2O Rules


Participants should participate with the understanding that injuries do occur & realize that taking part in the Intramural Program is completely voluntary. Therefore, Northern Michigan University is not responsible for injuries happening during play.




Students must purchase a student recreation pass to be eligible to participate.  You must show the Intramural staff your I.D. in order to participate.  Faculty/Staff and Community Recreation members must purchase a recreation membership in order to participate in I.M.’s.  Community members must be 16 years of age. Students who are found to be participating without a current rec pass will be automatically charged the semester rate of $70.00 to their student account.



The intramural manager’s meeting information will be sent via e-mail to the team captain the day following the deadline.  Please make sure to read all information and pass along to your teammates. 



Your team schedule will be sent to the team manager the Friday after the deadline date.  The first 24 teams to register will be included in the tournament to be held on Sunday, March 18.



Teams will consist of four (4) players in each canoe; any less than four (4) players will be considered a forfeit due to an unfair advantage of weight difference in the canoe.  The maximum number of players per team is six (6) for any team that wishes to have substitutes.




·         All participants MUST wear appropriate swimwear

·         Participants may wear t-shirts, however cotton shirts are prohibited (Dry Fit material is allowed)

·         Male participants must wear swim trunks, and cannot wear athletic shorts under any circumstance

·         Female participants may wear shorts (not made of cotton) over their swimwear

·         Any type of aquatic footwear is permitted; this includes Five Finger shoes

·         Lifejackets will be provided for those who want them

**Note: Prepare to get soaked, and dress appropriately



·         Each player will be provided one bucket (4 buckets per team).  Players may not bring their own buckets.

·         Any form of shield is prohibited

·         Any items judged as potentially dangerous by Intramural Staff MAY NOT BE WORN during the event.  Any participant found wearing jewelry will be removed from the tournament.

·         Protective eye wear is strongly recommended especially for those that wear contacts.



Preliminary Round

The maximum number of teams participating in the tournament is 24.  Teams will be divided into six (6) groups of four (4) teams.  Each group will participate in two (2) rounds of Battleship, with teams acquiring points in each round.  Points are awarded as follows:


1st Place – 4 Points

2nd Place – 3 Points

3rd Place – 2 Points

4th Place – 1 Point


The top two (2) teams with the most points after both of their groups’ rounds will advance to Round of 8.  In case of a tie, the team with the highest place in either round will advance; if a tie still exists after this, the team with the second highest place in either round will advance.


Round of 8

The top 8 teams will be placed into two (2) heats of four (4) teams.  Teams will be split based on points accumulated and placed in heats as follows:


Heat 1

Heat 2










The top two (2) teams from both heats will advance to the Tournament Finals.


Tournament Finals

A final round of Battleship will take place between the final four (4) teams remaining in order to determine the winner.



These rules are to ensure safety and fair play.  Any special circumstances not covered in the rules will be handled appropriately by the Intramural Sports staff in determining the proper ruling.


Object of the Game

Each team will take four buckets and try to attack other canoes with water until their canoe is sunk, or they are the last team standing.  In order to move around the pool, teams must use their hands or buckets.  Up to four (4) canoes will be in the pool at once.




Starting the Game

·         Participants will climb into their respective canoes from the edge of the pool while the canoes are in the loading zones of the pool; Intramural Staff will be in the water and at the loading zones to assist with this process.

·         Intramural Staff will survey all canoes for proper equipment and make sure all safety requirements are met.

·         After canoes have been inspected, they will be spread out evenly throughout the Battle Waters of the pool.

·         The Intramural Staff will blow his/her whistle and the battle will begin.



Teams may not:

A.     Throw water from inside the canoe out into the pool or into other canoes.

Penalty: The team committing the foul must fill up all of their buckets and pour it into their boat as a warning.  The next offense will be disqualification.

B.      Stand up in the canoe at any time.

Penalty: The team committing the foul must fill up one of their buckets and pour it into their boat as a warning.  The next offense will be disqualification.

C.      Jump out of the boat at anytime during the battle.

Penalty: The team committing the foul will be disqualified from the current round and must immediately exit the pool.

D.     Physically contact any member or equipment of another team to keep them from attacking or defending.  Teams also may not push off other canoes in order to change their team’s direction.

Penalty: Disqualification


Sunken Ship

·         Once your canoe has been sunk or your team has been disqualified, all members must abandon the canoe and immediately exit the water.  Intramural Staff in and around the pool will guide the canoe to its proper loading zone.

·         Any attempt to hinder another team after your canoe has been sunk will result in an ejection for all players involved.

·         Groups waiting to participate in the next round must be at their respective numbered cone by the time the round prior begins.  As teams are eliminated, Intramural Staff will assist with removing each canoe from the pool and return it to the respective cone.

·         Teams awaiting the next round will be responsible for helping Intramural Staff empty, flip, and reload the canoe into its proper loading zone.  Teams will then board their canoe and wait for the current round to end.



Sportsmanship is an important part of intramural sports.  Any player who uses foul language, violently protests a call, or curses an official or staff member, will be removed from the game and will automatically be suspended from his/her team’s next game.  In addition, he/she will have to meet with the Program Manager during business hours before he/she is eligible to participate again.  Any player who touches an official or staff member will be placed on suspension from all Intramural activities for a minimum of one semester.