Volleyball - Player Bios

2015 - 2016 Volleyball

Jaylin Fisher

Position: Setter
Year: Junior
Major: Pre-Dental: Biology with a physiology emphasis
Hometown: Carson City, MI
Why NMU: Seemed like a great place to complete my undergrad years.


Amanda Manninen

Position: Outside Hitter
Year: Sophomore
Major: Speech Language Hearing Sciences
Hometown: Hancock, MI
Why NMU: Because of the SLHS program and I get to stay in the UP.


Rachel Burkart

Position: Middle Blocker
Year: Junior
Major: Elementary Education
Hometown: Brighton, MI



Ariana Hamisch

Position: Defensive Specialist
Year: Freshman
Major: Athletic Training
Hometown: Bakersfield, CA
Why NMU: NMU has an amazing athletic training program, class sizes are small. I wanted to get away from all distractions from home so I can focus on myself and my future as an athletic trainer


Kelsey Hackman

Position: Middle Blocker
Year: Sophomore
Major: Management
Hometown: Frankenmuth, MI
Why NMU: Because of the size of the school and the location



Heather Hart

Position: Defensive Specialist 
Year: Junior
Major: Pre-Chiropractic/ General Biology
Hometown: Morley, MI
Why NMU: I visited because it was one of three schools in MI with my program. Decided I loved Marquette and never visited another school after


Morgan Zoeller

Position: Outside Hitter
Year: Freshman
Major: Speech Language and hearing sciences
Hometown: Midland, MI
Why NMU: I liked the size, Marquette, the professors and the speech language and hearing sciences department


Bailey Bertagnoli

Position: Right Side Hitter
Year: Sophomore
Major: Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Hometown: Green Bay, WI
Why NMU: 

Because of the clinical sciences program and the size of the school


Reagan Elrod

Position: Defensive Specialist
Year: Junior
Major: Biology
Hometown: Bloomfield Hills, MI


Madi Carey

Position: Right Side Hitter
Year: Junior
Major: Elementary Education
Hometown: Charlevoix, MI
Why NMU: The size of NMU and the environment of Marquette made me want to attend this school


Maija Mattson

Position: Middle Blocker
Year: Sophomore
Major: Speech Language Hearing Sciences
Hometown: Pearl City, IL
Why NMU: I've wanted to attend NMU as long as I could remember. The size of NMU is great, they have my program, and Marquette is a beautiful place to live


Amanda Falkenhagen

Position: Libero
Year: Junior
Major: Marketing
Hometown: Chesterfield, MI
Why NMU: Because the people are so nice and the nature is neat