Group Fitness Instructors


Meet Your Group Fitness Instructors:



I’ve participated in group fitness most of my life – sports, military training, and most recently, drop-in classes. When I maintain my physical health, my health in other dimensions (social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and so on) also improves. Group fitness provides the accountability, the variety of routines, the social connection, the encouragement, and the fun that I need to keep showing up, to push myself further, and to reach new goals. I’ve been helping make these things happen for others by teaching Zumba classes the past two years and am having more fun all the time! I’m licensed to teach Zumba and have Group Exercise Instructor and First Aid/CPR/AED certifications.



My name is Brandon T. and I am a Nursing Student at NMU.  I've worked for the Rec Sports Department teaching fitness classes and training clients for over two years, and have roughly ten years of experience in the fitness industry. I am a 2x World Champion in Powerlifting with several World records. I currently compete in Olympic Weightlifting for the US Olympic Training Site at Northern. My philosophy of fitness revolves around circuit based training. I believe that it is the best way to burn calories and develop muscular endurance.  Feel free to drop into my class and introduce yourself!



Mind Body Soul Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor Jacqueline Gutenkunst not only connects with the body but also the mind and her spirit! High Energy call her firecracker, she will make you love to train and leave you wanting more! With having over three years of experience teaching Buts and Guts & Bootcamp, she is up to date with the latest workouts and training tips. With her HIGH intensity workouts from intermediate to advance she can make any workout fun and enjoyable always leaving you laughing. Her main goal is to have you connect with your well being, and too always have confidence in yourself when entering and gaining more confidence when leaving.




Lynne has been teaching aerobics and group fitness classes for over 30 years. She is able to teach a variety of classes including step, strength and resistance training, and full body workouts that encompass your mind and body.  Her favorite thing about fitness is learning new techniques to not only enhance my personal teaching experience, but yours as well. I also love meeting new people, so I’m looking forward to seeing you in my class! It’s good to have fun while you’re getting fit!



Dax is an NMU alumni, having attended for a bachelor's degree in Architecture before obtaining his master's degree in Architecture from Lawrence Technological University. Dax currently resides in Marquette and has been teaching spinning/RPM and BodyPump classes for the last year. He is excited to be joining the NMU Rec Sports fitness staff and wants to share his passion for teaching these great courses.