Personal Training

We are proud to add Personal Training to the Rec Sports Fitness Program. Our personal trainers are ready to create an exercise program to meet your fitness needs. Personal training is for everyone from the youngest to the oldest, to the beginners to the advance. If you need some extra motivation, or need help putting a weekly work out together, or just want to learn something new, we can help. All Personal Trainers are certified in CPR/AED and are certified PTs. You may ask yourself, why exercise is important to me and what the benefits are. Exercise can benefit you in many ways by:

-Improves your mood.
-Relieves stress.
-Prevents chronic diseases, high blood pressure, cholesterol, resting heart rate, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and different types of cancer.
-Helps you manage your weight.
-Boosts your energy level.
-Promotes better sleep.
-Can be socially fun. What are you waiting for?

Contact 227-2519 for more information today!

Cost per Six Sessions (Minimum required)
Student Members - $145
Faculty/Staff - $195
Community Members - $225

Cost per Buddy Training Session (per person cost)
Student Members - $17.50
F/S and Community Members - $21

Minimum of six training sessions.


Meet NMU REC Sport's Personal Trainers


 ​Ryan Meidinger



Ryan Meidinger is a graduate student at NMU studying exercise science with
intentions to pursue a doctoral degree in the future. Ryan has experience
training and educating clients ranging from middle school aged to athletes
and older aged individuals or anyone wishing to be more "fit". Ryan
participated in track and field as a thrower during his undergraduate
career. Outside of his studies he is interested in football, tennis,
strongman, powerlifting, golf, playoff basketball and baseball. His academic
interests include exercise biomechanics and training periodization. Ryan's
personal training philosophy is simple: "I will teach you how to reach your
fitness level, how to maintain it and help you work hard so that you will
reach your fitness level because I believe that everyone can do it".




Kaylyn is back for her second year with NMU Rec Sports. She brings positive energy along with experience and certification in yoga and personal training. She is an Army Veteran, and worked as a personal training manager for more than two years in the fitness industry. Kaylyn is passionate about marathon and other types of race running. She is pursuing her Master’s Degree in Exercise Science.




Brandon is returning to NMU Rec Sports for a second year as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. Brandon is a multiple World Champion/World Record holder in Powerlifting. Brandon’s philosophy about fitness revolves around high intensity circuit training as well as strength training. It is his belief that a combination of the two is the most beneficial way to meeting fitness goals. 




To sign up call 906-227-2519 or stop by
Rec Sports Office
PEIF 126