NMU Students

The 2016/2017 NMU recreation membership fees for NMU students and their family members are:

NMU Student Pass Rates

**NEW for Fall 2016 - All students with 6 or more credits will be automatically billed a $79 Recreation Fee.  If you do not wish to have a student recreation membership, you will have the choice of opting out of this fee until the 5th day of the semester.

Undergraduate Students Credits Rates
One Semester Pass 6 or more credits* $79*
Undergraduate 4-5 credits  $109
Undergraduate 1-3 credits Resident Fee
*All students with 6 or more credit hours will be charged the student recreation fee on their student account.    
Graduate Students Credits Rates
One Semester Pass 6 or more credits $79
Graduate 2-5 credits $109
Graduate 1 credit Resident Fee


Student Spouse/Children of NMU Undergraduate/Graduate Student Rates
Spouse and child passes must be added at Rec Sports Office 126 in the PEIF building

Student Spouse One Semester $84
Family (includes spouse and children) One Semester $158


Other services Semester Rates
Locker/Towel Service One Semester $30
  Two Semester $56
Daily Passes   $10
Punch Passes (15 passes, expires in 6 months) $110


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