Men's Ice Hockey - Schedule

*TENTATIVE* Fall 2018 Schedule

Date Opponent Time Location Outcome
9/14/2018 Aurora 9:30pm Berry Events Center  
9/15/2018 Aurora 9:30pm Berry Events Center  
9/21/2018 at MTU   John Maclnnes Student Ice Arena  
9/22/2018 MTU 3pm Berry Events Center  
10/05/2018 at UW-Oshkosh TBA    
10/06/2018 at UW-Oshkosh TBA    
10/12/2018 at Lewis TBA    
10/13/2018 at Lewis TBA    
10/19/2018 at RMU TBA    
10/20/2018 at RMU TBA    
10/26/2018 DePaul 7pm Lakeview Arena  
10/27/2018 DePaul 1pm Lakeview Arena



St. Mary's 7pm Lakeview Arena  
11/10/2018 St. Mary's 1pm Lakeview Arena  
11/16/2018 MTU 7pm Lakeview Arena  
11/17/2018 at MTU   John Maclnnes Student Ice Arena  
11/30/2018 at Marquette TBA    
12/01/2018 at Marquette TBA    
12/07/2018 Finlandia JV 7pm Lakeview Arena  
12/08/2018 Finlandia JV 1pm Lakeview Arena  
01/11/2019 at Finlandia JV TBA    
01/12/2019 at Finlandia JV TBA    
01/18/2019 Concordia 7pm Lakeview Arena  
01/19/2019 Concordia 1Pm Lakeview Arena  
01/25/2019 at St. Cloud TBA    
01/26/2019 at St. Cloud TBA    
02/01/2019 Marian 7pm Lakeview Arena  
02/02/2019 Marian 1pm Lakeview Arena  


Home Games in BOLD

Lakeview Arena games will be held on the Russell Rink