Men's Ice Hockey - Player Bios


Taylor Eland head shot.

Taylor Eland

Hometown: Clawson, MI
Class: Junior
Major: Criminal Justice
Why NMU: Beautiful area and family tradition.

Wesley Zegan head shot.

Wesley Zegan

Position: Center
Year: Sophomore
Major: Electrical Technology
Experience: 7 years
Hometown: Antioch, Illinois
Why NMU: Hockey and Education

Ty Markovich head shot.

Ty Markovich

Hometown: Springport, MI
Class: Sophomore
Major: Welding
Why NMU: Hockey, outdoors.

Jay Shifra head shot.

Jay Shifra

Hometown: Waters Meet, MI
Class: Junior
Major: Secondary Education, Mathematics
Why NMU: Area and recreation

Kyle Welters head shot.

Kyle Welters

Hometown: Munising, MI
Class: Freshman
Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology
Why NMU: Close to home

Brennon Wachter head shot.

Brennon Wachter

Hometown: Cheboygan, MI
Class: Sophomore
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Cody Cersarz head shot.

Cody Cesarz

Hometown: Jackson, MI
Class: Senior
Major: Public Relations
Why NMU: Hockey and hiking

Mitchell Kazmierczak head shot.

Mitchell Kazmierczak

Hometown: Alpena, MI
Class: Junior
Major: Economics
Why NMU: Marquette is a nice town.

Eric Farley head shot.

Eric Farley

Hometown: Ishpeming, MI
Class: Junior
Major: Undeclared
Why NMU: Close to home

Austin Schultz head shot.

Austin Schultz

Hometown: Allen Park, MI
Class: Senior
Major: Economics

Zach kooi head shot.

Zach Kooi

Hometown: Grand Haven, MI
Class: Junior
Major: Outdoor Rec and Leadership Management
Why NMU: Hunting

Max Gruzdev head shot.

Max Grusdev

Hometown: Russia, Moscow  Class: Freshman
Major: Sports Management
Why NMU: Good athletic program

Justin Pantle head shot.

Justin Pantle

Hometown: Long Grove, IL  Class: Sophomore
Major: Business Management
Why NMU: Outdoors, hockey

Nathan Hansen head shot.

Nathan Hansen

Hometown: Wonder Lake, IL  Class: Freshman
Major: Accounting
Why NMU: The nature and affordability

Joe Berglund head shot.

Joe Berglund

Hometown: Iron Mountain, MI
Class: Sophomore
Major: Industrial Maintenance
Why NMU: Love the U.P.

Alex Svboda

Hometown: Wasilla, AK
Class: Senior
Major: Environmental Science
Why NMU: The UP, eh?

Nolan Kremer head shot.

Nolan Kremer

Hometown: Crystal Lake, IL
Class: Junior
Major: Finance
Why NMU: Cheap

Jake Gatenby head shot.

Jake Gatenby

Hometown: Cary, IL
Class: Sophomore
Major: Marketing
Why NMU: Location