Intramural Handbook

Intramural Sports Handbook 2017-178

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You will find a sneak peak at a portion of what is in the sports handbook below:


The Intramural Sports program at Northern Michigan University (hereinafter NMU) seeks to provide students, faculty, staff, and community recreation members the opportunity to participate in a diverse program of structured and competitive recreational activities, with an increased focus on player sportsmanship and safety. The goal of the Intramural Sports program is to provide comprehensive and varied programs to the NMU community in order to meet the needs and interests of students, faculty, staff, and community recreation members.

The following objectives and guiding principles give direction to the Intramural Sports programs offered at NMU:

  1. To encourage self-participation and transform spectators into active participants.
  2. To offer a variety of physical activities balanced between vigorous and light exercise and team and individual sports which meet present interests and future needs.
  3. To provide incentive for a larger number of students in need of physical recreation experiences on an equal basis with fellow participants.
  4. To provide an arena whereby social relations and attitudes can be developed and high standards of sportsmanship is encouraged.

Divisions of competition:

Intramural Sports programs offered at NMU are organized within the following divisions:

  1. Men: Teams participating in this division consist of male participants.
  2. Women: Teams participating in this division consist of female participants.
  3. Co-Rec: This division is open to any participant. Teams are made up of males and females. For Co-Rec roster specific requirements, please see that desired sports rules.
  4. Open: This division is open to any male or female participant. There are no restrictions to the number of males or females that are on the playing surface at a time.

Levels of Competition:

The Intramural Sports program strives to equalize competition within divisions by providing varying levels of competition when possible. This allows teams and individual players to compete at appropriate ability levels in which they feel comfortable participating in. At times, however, it may be required to combine levels when the number of teams is minimal. For leagues offered, participants will compete in a series of regular season matches. Records will be accumulated to properly seed players and teams within a single or double elimination tournament that will be used to determine a champion. Tournament seeding will be based on the following categories: Winning percentage, sportsmanship, head to head, and point differential.

Leagues offered will be divided into the following levels:

  1. Class A – Highly/Moderately Competitive
  2. Class B – Recreational


For more information, contact NMU Recreational Sports, PEIF 126, 906-227-2519,