Hip Hop Dance Crew - Player Bios


NMU Hip Hop Dance Crew Members

Leah Christensen: President, Co-Captain, Logistics and Event Coordinator 
Miranda Straka: Co-Captain, Practice Coordinator and choreographer 
Gracie Fries: Co-Captain, Social media handler and choreographer 
Breanna Demaline: Sophomore, Pre-Vet major 
Liz Caputo: Junior, Criminal Justice and Psychology double major with a triple minor. 
Emily Grzesiak: Freshman, Psychology major.  
Emily Driesenga: Freshman, Sports Science and Outdoor Recreation Leadership and management. 
Lisa "L" Genrty: Freshman, Neuroscience major.
Haley Dodds: Sophomore, Cosmetology major. 
Julianna Moscato: Junior, Radiology major. 
Lyndsie Chesnic: Sophomore, Environmental Science major. 
Jenae LaFleche: Freshman, Cosmetology major. 
Jamie Urban: Freshman, Psychology Behavior Analysis major 
Claire O'Malley: Freshman, Art and Design major.