Records and Registrar Staff

Administrative Staff

Kim Rotundo Registrar
Kathryn Dawe Assistant Registrar, Information Technology/Records
Sara Niemi Assistant Registrar, Degree Evaluations
Michael Truscott Assistant Registrar, Registration and Scheduling

Technical and Office Professional Staff

Gloria Alexander Principal Secretary
Kelly L'Huillier Principal Secretary
vacant Senior Clerk
Terri Lorens Senior Secretary
Michelle Middler Senior Secretary
Kimber Olli Executive Secretary
Sheri Trotochaud Executive Secretary

Service Directory

Service Name Phone
Academic Calendar Kimber Olli 906-227-1213
Address Changes vacant 906-227-1025
Advanced Placement Terri Lorens 906-227-2234
Athletic Eligibility Kim Rotundo 906-227-2258
Bulletin, Undergraduate Kimber Olli 906-227-1213
Classroom Reservations Michael Truscott 906-227-1062
Commencement Ceremony Sara Niemi 906-227-1350
Dean's List Kimber Olli 906-227-1213
Degree Evaluations Sara Niemi 906-227-1350
  Kelly L'Huillier 906-227-2257
Degree Verification Michelle Middler 906-227-2258
Diplomas Kelly L'Huillier 906-227-2257
Directed Studies Gloria Alexander 906-227-1198
Drop/Add Gloria Alexander 906-227-1198
Enrollment Verification Michelle Middler 906-227-2258
Enrollment/Graduation Statistics Institutional Research 906-227-2670
Grading, Class Rosters Michael Truscott 906-227-1062
Grade Changes Kimber Olli 906-227-1213
Holds, Transcript Holds vacant 906-227-1025
Incomplete Forms KimberOlli 906-227-1213
Information Restrictions vacant 906-227-1022
  Kathryn Dawe 906-227-2434
Information Technology, Banner Kathryn Dawe 906-227-2434
Name Changes vacant 906-227-1025
Privacy-Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Kim Rotundo 906-227-2258
Records, Academic vacant 906-227-1025
  Kimber Olli 906-227-1213
Record Changes vacant 906-227-1025
Registrar's Web Pages Kimber Olli 906-227-1213
Registration and Scheduling Michael Truscott 906-227-1062
  Gloria Alexander 906-227-1198
Registration Holds, Missing Transcripts vacant 906-227-1025
Repeats, Course vacant 906-227-1025
Study Abroad Gloria Alexander 906-227-1198
Transcripts, Incoming vacant 906-227-1025
Transcript Requests [outgoing] Kimber Olli 906-227-1213
Transfer Credit Evaluations Terri Lorens 906-227-2234
Withdrawals Gloria Alexander 906-227-1198