Processing Purchase Requisitions & Orders

Northern Michigan University observes a uniform procedure for the purchase of materials, services, equipment and other supplies from vendors.

The Purchasing staff performs all purchasing activity and related operations with the following exceptions:

  1. Authorized Purchasing Card purchases.
  2. The director of the university library places orders for books, magazines, periodicals and subscriptions for the Lydia Olsen Library;
  3. Foodstuffs and materials utilized in the residence hall quads is approved by the associate director - Auxiliary Services:
  4. Learning Resources film purchases authorized by audio visual materials supervisor;
  5. Purchases by the Health Center administrator for drugs and related items.

Procedure: An employee who wishes to purchase supplies, equipment and services that exceeds $2,500 does the following:

  1. Prepares a purchase requisition;
  2. Attaches any available documentary information to the purchase requisition that will assist the purchasing agent in evaluating the request.
  3. Obtains an authorized signature.
  4. Forwards the completed purchase requisition to the Purchasing department.
  5. Receives a copy of the purchase order from Purchasing and files it for reference.