Corrections Officer

If you plan on attending the Jan. 2015 Corrections Officer Academy please make sure you contact the NMU PSI as soon as possible.

Train for a career in corrections close to home with the new Michigan Corrections Officer Academy at Northern Michigan University! hiring process

Corrections officers are an integral part of Michigan’s criminal justice system. They oversee and participate in the custody, security, and treatment of prisoners in correctional facilities. Corrections officers also ensure prisoners’ compliance with institutional rules and regulations.

To become a corrections officer, applicants need to complete a minimum of 15 college credits in a prescribed selection of courses before applying. Previously, workers were trained by MDOC after they were hired; now, prospective workers will complete an application with the Department of Corrections, be interviewed, have a background check completed and go through physical testing for a corrections job. If that is successful, a certificate is issued allowing them enroll in the training academy. Once an applicant passes the initial six weeks of the training academy program (including a physical fitness test), he or she will be eligible to be hired by the MDOC for additional two weeks of paid training, also at the University. Once individuals complete the eight weeks of training, they will begin on-the-job training at their assigned facilities. minimum qualifications

Careers in corrections vary depending on the site, with facilities throughout the Upper and Lower Peninsulas of Michigan. Most corrections officers with the MDOC will be working with convicted felons, overseeing them and maintaining order in the facilities. For example, corrections officers may work in or supervise activities in a housing unit, a food service program, a leisure/athletic area, or work in a gun tower. Those considering going into corrections should have good people and interpersonal skills. Corrections can also be a good starting point to other careers, such as parole or probation.

Northern Michigan University will award 8 credits for the completion of the Corrections Academy.  These 8 credits can be used for an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice or 4 of the credits can be used for electives toward any other Associates Degree.


Next Corrections Officer Academy

The next Corrections Academy will begin January 26th and conclude March 20th, 2015.

Cost: The cost of the Corrections Academy is $3,500 dollars. The tuition is due prior to the start of the academy. After the 6th week of the academy the recruit MAY BE hired by MDOC.  Once hired the MDOC will pay for the 7th and 8th week including meals and lodging. Upon successful completion of the first 6 weeks and employment by the MDOC 50% of the recruits tuition is being refunded (subject to change. For details go to

Lodging:  Lodging and meals are the responsibility of the recruit until such time as they are hired by MDOC.

Application Process: To apply go to application or contact the Northern Michigan University Public Safety Institute at 906-227-1408.