Safety Policy Statement

Safety Statement

Date approved: 1-4-2000
Last update: 1-4-2000
Approved by: President
Level: Admin Policy

To promote a safe learning, living and working environment through an effective Safety Program.


All University employees, full time, part time, temporary, casual labor, students, visitors.


Northern Michigan University believes that a "Total Safety" Program is essential in advancing the well-being of its students and employees.

It is the policy of Northern Michigan University to promote safe living and working through an effective safety program in all phases or our operation: Education, research, student service, public service and employee and community relations.

It is the responsibility of supervisors to make this safety policy effective. All supervisors are responsible for applying sound safety practices and safety education principles to students and employees within their jurisdiction. It is the role of the safety department to promote the use of safety principles, provide technical services to assist supervisor in their application and ensure compliance with the requirements of the University Safety Program.

It is the responsibility of all employees and all students to cooperate with the University Safety Program by observing all safe practices, policies and standards, and to observe all safety laws and regulations. Additionally, employees and students have the responsibility to alert their supervisors or instructors of any hazard in need of correction, and to suggest safety