Reading & Writing Test

The reading and writing test is designed to measure writing skills and reading comprehension, required both in basic police training and on the job. The cost to take the test is $68.00.

Test results are not available by calling MCOLES or the academy where the test was taken. MCOLES does not issue duplicate documentation of test scores.

Log into the PBS Web site by clicking on the link "PBS Web Site" in the box below: 

To view information regarding the reading and writing test, including test schedules, enrollment procedures, and test scores, go to the PBS Web Site .

If you experience technical difficulty logging into the PBS Web site, the telephone number is:  1-877-422-4092.

Tests are offered only at participating training academies which are under Commission supervision.  Your test results never expire, if taken after November 1, 1999, but you may retake the test at any time, if you desire. You may access your test results online 24 hours after the test administration is complete by clicking on the PBS Web site link. You will then need to click on the link "View the Results of a Completed Test". You should enter your e-mail address and password to view your results. In addition, results will be mailed to all candidates within two weeks of the test administration. 

MCOLES Reading and Writing Test

Date Time Location

 Physical Fitness Test

The MCOLES physical fitness test consists of four separate events: vertical jump, sit-ups, push-ups, and a ½ mile shuttle run. The cost to take the test will be $45.00. Candidates should contact the test site directly to register for the physical fitness pre-enrollment test. See test site links below.

Official notification of the test results will be given to the candidate on the day of the test. The results will be on an official form and the score will be reported as PASS or FAIL.

The physical fitness test must be taken no sooner than 180 days before the beginning of the training academy session.Tests are offered only at training academies which are under Commission supervision. Other forms of fitness testing will not be accepted, although applicants are encouraged to practice the events prior to testing at an official site. Law enforcement agencies are encouraged to use the fitness testing as a pre-screening device prior to sending their applicants to an official MCOLES test.

Attendees must bring a completed Physician Health Screening Form with them the day of the test. Candidates will also need a drivers license and $45.00 cash or check.

To sign up for a physical fitness test contact (906) 227-1408 

MCOLES Physical Fitness Test

Date Time Location
7/25/2014 0900 Izzo/Mariucci Room Berry Ice Arena

Sheriff's/Local Corrections Reading and Writing Exam

Empco conducts entry level examinations for Sheriff’s Offices through the Sheriffs’ Association Testing Program.  Through this system, qualified candidates can sign up to take entry level written examinations to become Corrections Officers and Road Patrol Deputies.  The system will then allow qualified candidates’ information and scores to be viewed by participating departments.

To sign up go to

EMPCO Sheriff's/ Local Corrections Reading and Writing Exam
Date Time Location
07/18/2014 1:00 pm 132 Jacobetti Complex NMU
08/15/2014 11:30 am 412 Cohodas Building NMU

Police Officer's Position

Empco has partnered with several police departments in Michigan to develop a system to assist candidates for entry level positions as police officers. This website has been developed to help you find positions, and assist interested police departments in finding the most qualified candidates.

Participating police departments ask you to take an entry-level examination, generally referred to as pre-employment tests, at a nearby test site as the first step in this process. Your test score, name, address, email address and a brief profile that you complete will be available to every participating police department in the state that you select. Therefore, with one process, you can automatically apply to numerous police departments.

To sign up go to

Law Enforcement Reading and Writing Exam
Date Time Location
07/29/2014 9:00 am 412 Cohodas Building

Local Correction Physical Fitness Test

Each local corrections officer candidate is required to demonstrate his or her physical fitness by successfully completing a physical fitness evaluation performed by a licensed physical fitness or medical professional, or a Sheriff or Sheriff's designee. For more information on the LCOPAT test go to the LCOPAT Candidate Guide . All candidates must have a physicians screening form completed prior to taking the physical agility test  Candidates will also need to bring a drivers license and $50.00 dollars cash or check.

To sign up for future tests please call 906-227-1408

LCOPAT Testing dates
Date Time Location
07/18/2014 9:00 am PEIF Building (practice gym) NMU
08/15/2014 9:00 am PEIF Building (practice gym) NMU