Wildcat Shuttle

The Wildcat Shuttle Service is brought to you by NMU Public Safety and Police Services in conjunction with ASNMU. The Wildcat Shuttle offers students, faculty and staff free, reliable transportation.

The main goal of the Wildcat Shuttle System is to transport students from the center of campus to the Sports Complex and the Jacobetti Complex.  The schedule below is designed to provide a number of options to move around campus.  It is the intent of the program to stay on schedule as much as possible;
however, sometimes there will be situations that come up that may delay the bus.  We have built in time at the end of each complete run to "catch" up the schedule.




  • Marq-Tran Off Campus Shuttle Service Available Free to NMU Students, Faculty and Staff with Valid ID.
  • Marq-Tran’s routes and scheduled can be located at:  http://marqtran.com/routesschedules/
  •  This information is also available at the Marq-Tran Office, 1325 Commerce Drive, Marquette, MI 49855, and on each bus.


  • Flag down the shuttle at any time and the driver will be happy to stop for you.
  • If you have any questions regarding the Wildcat Shuttle, call Public Safety at (906) 227-2151.
  • Click here to visit the Checker Transportation website.
  • Regular routes are Monday - Thursday 7:30am-5:00pm.


Due to the road construction around campus, there may be some delays. 



Wildcat Shuttle Schedule

Monday - Thursday


First pick up is at 7:30am

Last Drop off is at approximately  5:00pm

Continuous routes each hour on 20 minute intervals


North End of Lot 11 (Magers)
LRC Bus Stop
Jamrich Hall/Lot 28 Entrance
Corner of 7th Street/Tracy Ave.
Horseshoe Lot Bus Stop (West Science)
Lot 46 By The Woods
UC Bus Stop on Lee Drive
Superior Dome/PEIF Bus Stop
7:47 Jacobetti Complex
7:53 North End of Lot 22 (Magers)
7:54 LRC Bus Stop
7:55 Jamrich Hall/Lot 28 Entrance
7:56 Corner of 7th Street/Tracy Ave.
7:58 Horseshoe Lot Bus Stop (West Science)
7:59 Lot 46 By the Woods
UC Bus Stop on Lee Drive
8:06 Superior Dome/PEIF Bus Stop
8:09 Jacobetti Complex
8:14 North End of Lot 11 (Magers)
8:15 LRC Bus Stop
8:16 Jamrich Hall/Lot 28 Entrance
8:17 Corner of 7th Street/Tracy Ave.
Horseshoe Lot Bus Stop (West Science)
8:20 Lot 46 By the Woods
8:24 UC Bus Stop on Lee Drive
8:27 Superior Dome/PEIF Bus Stop
8:30 Jacobetti Complex
Continuous 20 minute routes