Regional Police Academy Curriculum

DrivingThe Regional Police Academy is a 16-week, 800-hour police training school designed to provide basic law enforcement training to in-service and pre-service recruits.

Twelve of the credits can be applied to NMU’s 65-credit associate degree in law enforcement.

The Regional Police Academy curriculum includes the following courses:

PSLE 010 Legal Update Training
PSLE 011 Precision Driving
PSLE 012 Precision Driving Update
PSLE 013 Evidence Technician Update/Crime Scene Processing
PSLE 014 Advanced Law Enforcement Training
PSLE 015 Evidence Technician Training
PSLE 016 Internal Affairs and Handling Discipline
PSLE 017 Computer Fraud/Computer-Related Crimes
PSLE 018 Basic Mountain Bike Patrol Course
PSLE 019 Prism Weapons Simulator
PSLE 020 Standard Field Sobriety Tests
PSLE 021 At Scene Crash Investigation
PSLE 022 Firearms Instructor School
PSLE 023 Terrorism Awareness for the First Responder
PSLE 024 Clandestine Drug Lab Awareness
PSLE 025 Advanced Tactical Pistol Course
PSLE 026 Patrol Rifle/Shotgun Course
PSLE 027 First Line Supervisors Training
PSLE 028 Ethics: Principles of Policing
PSLE 029 Basic Radar Operator
PSLE 030 Basic Photography
PSLE 031 Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation
PSLE 032 Advanced Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation
PSLE 033 Special Topics in Law Enforcement
PSLE 034 Firearms Instructor Update
PSLE 035 The Reid Technique for Child Abuse Investigations
PSLE 036 Reid and Associates Street Crimes Seminar
PSLE 037 Advanced Evidence Photography