Job Growth in Laboratory Science


NMU is the only university that offers 5 accredited / approved programs by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science.  It is one of two universities nationwide that offers both a Diagnostic Molecular Science and Cytogenetics program.  Clinical internships are offered by ten affiliate hospitals in the Upper Peninsula, eight  affiliate hospitals in the Lower Peninsula and five from out of state, including: Marshfield Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Essentia Health, Bay Area Medical Center, and Memorial Medical Center.

The job outlook for all areas of Laboratory Science is excellent, with the need for qualified technologists expected to grow by 11-14% over the next ten years (US Bureau of Labor and Statistics).  This projected growth will be powered by an increased need for services due to an aging population who will rely heavily on clinical testing to diagnose and manage medical conditions, such as cancer or diabetes.    Additionally, there is a tremendous shortage of laboratory professionals, with over 40,000 laboratory jobs unfilled in the United States (Advance for Laboratory Professionals).   Couple the current workforce shortage with the fact that an estimated 40% of aging lab professionals are expected to retire by 2018 and the need to grow new technologists becomes crucial.