Welcome to NMU

Welcome to NMU.

Hello. I’m David Haynes, NMU president. It is my honor to introduce myself to you in this brief welcome to our campus.

To be truthful, it doesn’t seem all that long ago when I was an NMU student, although when I do the math, it actually has been quite a while. Still, I think there are many things about your NMU experience and mine that are exactly the same.  I hope these are as true for you today as they were for me when I was a student:

The faculty and staff members WANT you to succeed. When you succeed, it is also their success and they take pride in your accomplishments. So, get to know your instructors, as well as all of the people of NMU. Introduce yourself. Tell us about your goals for the future. If we can help, we’re going to try to do so. Make a positive impression and I promise you the faculty and staff will be a support system long after you graduate. I know --I still talk with Dr. John Jamrich, who was NMU’s president when I was at Northern, and I've stayed in touch with several of my professors. Throughout my years since graduation, they have been there for me with invaluable insight and support.

There’s a lot expected of you as a Northern student. NMU students are known for their work ethic. Just ask all the prospective employers who annually attend Northern’s job fairs and they’ll tell you that NMU graduates who become their employees work hard.  NMU students also are very involved, on campus and off.  NMU students are an integral part of the Upper Peninsula community and that has always made Marquette a special place to live. If you see these three things – working hard, getting involved and being a good community member -- as opportunities rather than challenges, you’re on the right campus!

At Northern, you get to design your future. Who do you want to be NOW? It doesn’t matter who you were in high school or even who you were last year at NMU. Today, right now, you get to start to design your future. One of the best things about NMU is that it not only offers you a world-class educational experience, but also allows you to play a major role in molding it. Here you get to explore through joining student organizations, outstanding work and internship opportunities, being a part of one or both of NMU’s recognized leadership programs, as well as 180 degree programs, which enable you to create powerful academic combinations that can truly prepare you for the 21st century workplace. When I started to try things that forced me out of my comfort zone as an NMU student (look for a photo of me posted on campus of when I was The North Wind editor!), that’s when I really began to figure out who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. So what brings out your Wildcat roar?

Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat is not just a catchy alumni tagline. I love this university and all that it has to offer students. It gave me a great educational experience, but it has the opportunity to give you an even better one. And it excites me that I get to play a role in that. We’ve always had outstanding faculty and staff, but since my NMU days, we have better facilities, learning equipment that is amazing for a school this size, and our regional and national reputation as an educational leader just keeps growing and growing. 

What an excellent time for you to be an NMU student. What a fine time for me to get to serve as your president. It’s another great day to be a Wildcat! 

David Haynes, NMU President