Gender Work Group

The NMU Gender Work Group consists of 20 members, serving one- or three-year terms, depending on term type (student, faculty/staff or community). The group’s primary responsibilities are to make recommendations to the president regarding gender-related issues and opportunities on campus and in the community that impact Northern students, faculty and staff.

The group's members comprises six faculty members, six staff members and three students. In addition, four ex-officio members are appointed from the President's Committee on Diversity.

Its current members are:

Faculty members --
Chet DeFonso, History, co-chair
Melissa Copenhaver, Nursing
Mollie Freier, Library and Academic Support Services
Gabrielle McNally, Art and Design
Ruth Watry, Political Science
Abigail Wyche, Social Work

Staff members --
Kristi Evans, News Director, co-chair
Shirley Clark, Public Safety Officer
Marina Dupler, Assistant Director of Alumni Operations
Michelle Kimball, Principal Secretary, Technical and Occupational Sciences
Heidi Voigt, Head Coach, Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving Team
1 open staff position

Students --
Kayla Bell
Holly Roth
Madeline Wiles

Ex-officio Members --
Jessica Cruz, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer
Shirley Brozzo, Multicultural Education and Resource Center
Rachel Harris, Center for Student Enrichment
Janet Koski, Equal Opportunity Office
Rebecca Uland, Director of Gender Studies