Jeff Fierstine PA, a surgical physician assistant with the neurosurgery group at Marquette General Hospital addresses a group of pre-health professions students at a suturing clinic he provided at NMU on Thursday, November 14, 2013.





Allison Bosink,  Michael McAuliffe, and Elizabeth Zanone, NMU premedical students, listen to Jeff Fierstine, surgical PA, during a suturing clinic at NMU.





Physician assistant Jeff Fierstine explains a suturing procedure to pre-professional students at his suturing clinic held at NMU.

Looking on in the back are   Emily Allen, Michael McAuliffe, Dusty Collins, Nick Vetter, and Katie Tourville.




Jeff Fierstine, neurosurgery PA, demonstrates a suturing technique to pre-health professions students at his suturing clinic at NMU.

Students in the background are Emily Allen, Dusty Collins, Nick Vetter,  Michael McAuliffe, Katie Tourville, and Luke Counterman.




Neurosurgical physician assistant demonstrates a suture to pre-health students at a clinic he presented to pre-health students at NMU.  The students practiced several different types of sutures on pork hocks.





NMU premedical student Luke Counterman practices a suturing technique at the clinic on NMU's campus.  Neurosurgery physician assistant Jeff Fierstine conducted the clinic in NMU's Physics Department for pre-health professions students.





NMU pre-health professions students (front to back):  Stephanie Kropf, Diana Nguyen,  Danielle VanBeckum, Molly Kearney, Allison Bosink, Michael McAuliffe, and Elizabeth Zanone practice suturing pig hocks during a suturing clinic presented by physician assistant Jeff Fierstine, held in the Physics Department at NMU.




Emily Allen, Dusty Collins, Will Morgan, and Katie Tourville work on suturing techniques during a clinic held in the NMU Physics Department.  Neurosurgery physician assistant Jeff Fierstine graciously provided time and materials to teach the students the fundamentals of suturing.





An NMU pre-health professions student displays the sutures she made in a pork hock  during a suturing clinic held in the NMU Physics Department.  Mr. Jeff Fierstine, a neurosurgery physician assistant provided his time to help the students learn the fundamentals of suturing.