Letter from the Department Head 

Welcome to the Political Science Department. 

In the ever-changing and complex world we live in, an understanding of the political system and its impact is essential. The Political Science and Public Administration Department at Northern Michigan University offers undergraduate majors in political science, pre-law and public administration. The department and its faculty are dedicated to preparing students for exciting and rewarding careers in the public sector and/or their pursuit of a graduate degree. 

Students majoring in programs offered by the department learn how to think critically, creatively and ethically about contemporary political and policy issues. The department also provides opportunities for practical experience. Students have the opportunity to work on political campaigns and intern in local law offices, government agencies (state, local and federal), businesses and non-profit organizations. Additionally, the department provides unique academic experiences that blend course work with field work, such as campaign practicum, mock trial, Model UN and academic service learning.  

Courses offered by the department are both challenging and interesting. Some of the course offerings include public policy analysis, women in politics, state and local government, public administration, constitutional law and international relations.  

 I encourage you to contact the department at 227-2019 or polisci@nmu.edu if you have any questions or to arrange a visit. 

Dale Kapla, Ph.D.
Department Head