Wisuri at NASA

Erik_Wisuri_wide.JPGErik Wisuri describes his internship experience:

I was an intern for 10 weeks at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's Wallops Flight Facility. One other intern, Dave Coulter from Portland Community College, and I were working with Dr. John Moisan, who is a scientist at the Wallops Field Support Office. Dr. Moisan's research goal is to develop software that can create new mathematical models for ocean microbial ecosystems using genetic algorithms. Our task was to take existing mathematical models and convert them to the structure Dr. Moisan would be using in his program, and verify that the conversion was successful. To support this process, Dave and I developed a program that can take any converted model, simulate it over time using Runge-Kutta numerical analysis, and generate several different data files and graphs. At the end of my internship we had successfully converted three models and were in the process of debugging a fourth, which was the last (and most complex) model remaining. I also managed to come up with a different data structure for the converted models that allowed model simulation to run 60 times faster.