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Dr. Neil Russell



CPT and Lorentz Symmetry; The Standard-Model Extension

Dr Neil Russell does theoretical research focusing on testing the theory of relativity. The tool for this is the Standard-Model Extension, or SME, a framework that incorporates a variety of minuscule relativity 'violations.' The effects of these violations, if they exist, are measurable in sufficiently sensitive experiments. His recent research involves using the SME to figure out the signals that arise in various experimental systems. He has also worked on other theoretical topics, including quantum-mechanical supersymmetry and superalgebras.

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Dr. William Tireman



Dr. Tireman and Collaborators Publish Results of Nucleon-Nucleon Experiment

Dr. Tireman in collaboration with the E07-006 collaboration at Thomas Jefferson National Laboratory (JLab) in Newport News, VA has completed an experiment designed to study the nucleon-nucleon short range repulsive core.  The collaboration, which includes 118 scientists from 49 instructions, measured the nucleon-nucleon short-range colleration to deduce the isospin structure in the region in which the nuclear force is expected to change from a tensor force to a repulsive force.  Some of the neutron detectors used in the experiment were assembled by former NMU student Brad Schoenrock.  Data for this experiment was collected in 2011 and analysis was completed recently.  The paper has been submitted to PRL for publication. Link to abstract