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Religion is a dynamic force in the lives of many people. It shapes the literature, politics, art, and economics of virtually every society and civilization. The academic study of religion will help you acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for navigating a world in which religion plays so important a role.

Religious Studies Minor
To complete a minor in Religious Studies, you must take the following courses:
PL280 Philosophy of Religion (4 credits)
LB121 Origins of Western Values: Greeks and the Bible (4 credits)
EN310 Literature and the Bible (4 credit)
Electives 8-12 credits
Note: SO312 Religion and Society is no longer offered, and thus no longer required for the minor.

Religious Studies Electives

Because religion is a multifaceted phenomenon, appropriate electives can be drawn from a variety of disciplines. Below is a sampling of possible courses:

EN112 Mythology
EN310 Literature and the Bible
EN311Z World Literature in English: Israel
EN410 Genres of Writing: The (G)god Chronicles: Non-fiction Writing on Faith
EN422 Milton
HP205 Yoga
HS252 Arab-Islamic History
HS302 Ancient Rome
HS304 The Middle Ages
HS305 Rennaissance-Reformation Europe
HS316 The Holocaust
LAT101 Elementary Latin 1
LB121 Origins of Western Values: Greeks and the Bible
LG317 World Study: Viking Mythology
NAS330 Native Cultures and the Dynamics of Religious Experience
PL270 World Religions
PS321 Politics in Islamic Nations
SO351 Social Change

A number of faculty at Northern have teaching or research interests relating to religion:
Antony Aumann Philosophy (Religious Studies Program Coordinator)
Gabriel Noah Brahm, Jr. English
Maria Formolo Health and Human Performance
Peter H. Goodrich English
Robert Goodrich History
David Helton Business (CIS)
Keith H. Kendall History
Jamie Logsdon Kuehnl English
April Lindala Native American Studies
Michael Loukinen Sociology
Josh MacIvor-Andersen English
Russell Magnaghi History
Jason Markle English
Sirpa Heidi Nelson English
Rachel Nye Nursing
Stephen Oates Education
Alex Ruuska Anthropology
Jon Sherman Modern Languages and Literatures
Jaspal Kaur Singh English
Mark Smith English
Aura Syed Political Science
David Wood English

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