General Information

Northern Michigan University understands that having your child attend a university is a large investment, but we firmly believe it will prove to be worthwhile. You have had the rewarding experience of watching your child grow academically, as well as personally. We Students with Cameriusrecognize the importance of parents' active involvement in their students' college experience. NMU views the relationship between the university and parents as an important partnership. Just like you, we are committed to helping your son or daughter succeed in college.

We pride ourselves on our reputation as a high-tech university with a commitment to personal attention and active involvement. We provide technologically-advanced learning and communication opportunities, but we maintain our hands-on approach to teaching and service. This Web site is designed to keep parents in touch with NMU. It provides information about a wide variety of topics you may find helpful. We encourage parents to explore this site to learn more about Northern. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.