What Other Parents Say About NMU

Hand writing a letter"Dear President Wong,

 I wanted to write you a little note to let you know how much our daughter, Tricia Basford, has flourished at NMU.  Her experience at NMU has helped her to mature and grow into a wonderful adult.  The professors that she had along the way were always helpful and encouraging which in turn helped her to do well at NMU.  Tricia (graduated May 1, 2010) with a Bachelor of Science in Education.  We as her parents are very proud of her accomplishments.  We truly believe that NMU was the perfect fit for her.  The beautiful surroundings and the wonderful educational opportunities assisted her in becoming successful.  We have seen so much growth in her.  It has been exciting to watch her grow and become such a motivated and accomplished young lady.  The support that was given to her by your staff gave her the opportunities to believe in herself and meet her goals. 

She also had the experience of working at the Market Place and later becoming a supervisor.  Tricia has always been a hard worker and has always put her best effort forward in all that she does.  She has made many friends at NMU and she is graduating with mixed emotions.  Tricia has very fond memories of her time spent at NMU as do we.  I must say that I will miss our trips to the campus and our experiences with all of the seasons. 

I have never met you but I have always enjoyed reading your newsletters and could sense the sincere caring you have for the students.  There were times when you reassured us as parents that our students were being kept safe when things were happening at other campuses.  Those e-mails were always comforting to receive.  As parents I don't believe you ever stop worrying about your children no matter how old they are.  Thank you for allowing our daughter to have the experiences she had at NMU and promoting a strong, friendly and caring atmosphere for her to learn and grow.  We have no regrets in sending Tricia to NMU.  We are looking forward in celebrating her graduation this coming weekend.

Thank you!"


Roseann Basford (A very proud parent)
Spring Grove, Illinois

"Our daughter Brittany is in her second year at NMU and made the deans list for fall. We are so proud of her and you and NMU for convincing her to come there. From the recruiters in Madison to the students who welcomed us the first day we  visited NMU. The only bad thing is she never wants to come home to see mom and dad in Waterloo, Wisc. Brittany has so many great friends from NMU. She brought two of them home with her once--such great students so polite.


Proud Wisconsin parents of a NMU STUDENT,

Mike and Bev Holtz
Waterloo, Wisc.

"I talk to my [son] Jake most days. He is really excited about being at Northern. As parents it has become clear to us now that he made the right choice.  He could have gone many places, but NMU is the right fit. He has told me the best thing he did was join the Honors program. He is a member of the newly-formed sailing team and has a freshman fellowship in earth science."

Tim Keck
Portage, Mich.

"Our daughter chose NMU because, after much research, it was the only school within a day's drive of our hometown that offered every major she thought she might like to pursue.  The variety of the programs offered, the laptop program and the affordable tuition (after the wonderful scholarship) helped us to encourage her that this was a good choice.  Now in her third year (and 3rd major) she loves her major, Marquette and NMU!.  And as parents, we love having a daughter who sticks with school in a major she's happy with and who will graduate in four years."

Pat Bordak
South Milwaukee, Wis.

"I am a very proud NMU dad and look forward to graduation next Saturday with great anticipation.  To think that my daughter is going to get her degree makes me so proud. Laurie's college experience has been beyond anything I ever thought she'd experience.  She has so many new friends and experiences, too many to list.  I wish you and all the people that make up NMU congratulations on the wonderful job you do with the kids.  We really appreciate the job NMU does. I love the Parent Partnership newsletter and how you bring the family into the college experience." 

Paul L. Markowski
Bartlett, Illinois

"I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased my husband and I have been with the quality education our sons and daughter have received at NMU.  Our two sons are graduating this Saturday with M.S. degrees in Exercise Science.  Two years ago they both graduated Magna Cum Laude from NMU (in the Sports Science program and in Physical Education).  All three children have taken full advantage of the many opportunities at NMU to expand their experiences and knowledge base.  Both sons were involved in extracurricular activities and volunteer opportunities such as working at the PEIF, volunteering for the Special Olympics, participating in several honor societies, and being crew members on the rowing team.

We believe our sons’ and daughter’s academic successes are due to the quality of the programs/subject offerings at NMU as well as the professionalism, dedication, and expertise of the professors."

 Dianne M. Burley
West Guilford, Ontario, Canada

"I want to take the time to thank you and the University employees for making my son's experience at NMU a memorable one.  Nikk was always treated with respect  and received a sense that the University cared about him.  I never heard a negative comment from Nikk.  He graduated in four years, has a great job, and is leaving the University well prepared for his future.

Nikk is our youngest and last to go to college.  His brothers' experiences were not as enjoyable.  Both made the trip to Marquette for graduation and remarked to me, in private, that they wished their experiences would have been like Nikk's.

Thanks again for your vision, for your newsletter, and for the quality of education the University supplies."

Yours in education,
Jim Glazier
Principal, Caledonia High School
Caledonia, Mich.

Hello Dr. Wong,

As a Parent of Two NMU Student Athletes - ( Zachary & Chad Anderson, football)

I would like to commend you on your presence at all of the NMU functions that you & your wife attend. I have not been at the University when you were not present & very approachable.

I am pleased and honored to have my children attended NMU, and I thought I would pass that on to you why I had it on the top of my mind!


Maxine Anderson