Collin Ito
Collin Ito


MARQUETTE— The final four weight classes of the Superior Health Partners National Collegiate Weightlifting Championships hosted by the United States Olympic Education Center got underway today, April 18, on the campus of Northern Michigan University and ended with 105-plus kilogram lifter Fernando Reis setting new collegiate national records in the snatch, clean and jerk, and total.
The final weight class of the event, men’s 105-plus kg, brought the heaviest lifting of the weekend onto center stage. Reis (Lindenwood University) set a national collegiate record for the snatch in his last attempt lifting 168 kg and his clean and jerk set a record at 202 kg with a collegiate record total of 370 kg. USOEC resident athlete and NMU graduate student Colin Ito (Vista, Calif.) finished a close second with a 155 snatch, 197 kg clean and jerk totaling 352 kg. Taking home the bronze was Jacob Brant (State University of New York at Buffalo) with a 135 kg snatch, 180 kg clean and jerk and a total of 315 kg.
Reis and Ito battled for the top spot throughout the session. “He [Reis] definitely pushed me, he was very motivating,” said Ito. “He was almost daring me to lift heavier and I set some personal records so it worked.”
The women’s 75-kg weight class saw two lifters improve on last year’s finishes. Samantha Zimmerman (University of Southern Alabama), who finished second in this weight class last year, walked away with gold with an 82 kg snatch, a 110 kg clean and jerk totaling 192 kg. Maegan-Lee Snodgrass (Utah State University) improved on last year’s third place finish taking home the silver medal with an 85 kg snatch, 95 kg clean and jerk and a 180 kg total. Coming in third was Whitnee Maycock (University of Central Missouri) who finished with a 174 kg total.  
In the women’s 75-plus kg weight class Colleen Watson (St. Edwards University) bested last-year’s second place finish earning a gold medal with a 73 kg snatch, 87 kg clean and jerk and a 160 kg total. Watson was followed by Rashell Yockey (Mid America Nazarene University) in a distant second place with a 139 kg total edging out Hannah Crowe (State College of Florida) with a 137 kg total. Crowe tied for third but won the medal with a lower body weight.
Watson knew she also had the other competitors on her heels. “The back and forth upping attempts really pushed me,” she said. “It made the competition more fun, that’s definitely what it’s all about.”
Next up, the men’s 105 kg weight class fierce competition saw David Garcia (University of California at Davis) take home the gold with six successful lift attempts across the board. Garcia ended with a 145 kg snatch, 180 kg clean and jerk totaling 325 kg. Thomas Braddy (Northern Michigan University) made a valiant attempt at the collegiate clean and jerk record but fell just short ending with a 129 kg snatch, 190 kg clean and jerk for a 319 kg total earning him second place. In third place, Shaughnessy McDermott (Louisiana State University at Shreveport) finished with a 135 kg snatch, 165 kg clean and jerk for a 300 kg total.

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