MARQUETTE – First-year Unites States Olympic Education Center weightlifter Sara Cowles has one of the busiest schedules of any college student. She is taking a full class load while maintaining a job and training for weightlifting. Her family often jokes with her saying she is trying to spin too many plates at once. But to Cowles, it is just in her nature to stay busy. 
Cowles feels “staying busy with work and school actually adds to my training and it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me not to apply that same concept to my work and school life.” This has proven this to be true making the Junior World team twice and the USOEC All-Academic Team this past fall semester. 
She will compete in the 2010 USA Weightlifting National Collegiate Championships which will be held at the Berry Events Center on the NMU campus, Friday through Sunday April 16-18, in Marquette, Mich. However, Cowles will be using this competition as a trial run so she and her coaches can see what she is capable of and adjust her training and goals for Junior Worlds accordingly. 
For that reason, Cowles will be lifting up a weight class at 58 kg (127 pounds) as opposed to 53 kg (116 lbs) where she will compete at the Junior Worlds.  “Although the National Collegiate Championships is not a high stress meet for me, because I am competing in a higher weight class, there is a much higher level of competition for me.  I will be competing with some world-class girls, so even though we are trying to keep the intensity of this meet down for me, I know I am going to want to put whatever I need to on the bar to get the highest spot on the podium a possible.”
Being able to compete in Marquette is a chance that Cowles relishes because she says traveling to a competition is the most stressful thing a lifter can do. “There are so many other things to worry about when traveling such as making weight and how you're going to cut weight throughout the travel without access to a scale and how the travel is going to physically impact your body.” 
She is eagerly anticipating the effect the Berry Events Center will have on the meet and said “knowing that we will be competing in front of a crowd full of our NMU friends is really going to give us all a huge confidence boost. It is so helpful in competition to have as much cheering and support as possible.”
Cowles knows the importance of this competition and what it means to her going forward. “What I do at this meet is really going to determine where I set my personal goals for at Junior Worlds and the rest of the year.”
Tickets for the event are on sale now. Adult admission is $5 for an all-event pass and $2 per day.  Students and children get in free.  Tickets can be ordered online at, by calling 906-227-1032 or stopping by stopping at any EZ Ticket outlet.

Prepared By
Kyle Lynch