MARQUETTEThe United States Olympic Education Center welcomes Vance Newgard as the assistant coach and residence hall liaison for the weightlifting program. Newgard is a former resident athlete and facility user of the USOEC.
            Mike Fields, assistant director of the USOEC said, “It will be really helpful to have another coach in the room. He’s a former athlete, so the current athletes will listen to his advice. It’s another pair of eyes, too.”
            Head weightlifting coach Andy Tysz said having Newgard as assistant coach will free up a lot of his time so he can concentrate more on working with the athletes. “Vance can just step right in when I need him,” added Tysz. “And that’s very helpful because then the athletes have no delay or breaks in their training. He’s developed a very strong coaching ‘eye.’  I believe he’ll be a huge asset to the program.”
            Newgard’s past experience will help him transition to the position and relate to the athletes’ dual demands of school and training. Newgard also said he can help in other ways.
“I really want to concentrate on working with developmental athletes. I want to help make them better and refine their skills so they can become resident athletes and continue training at the elite level at the USOEC.”
            Newgard took home a bronze and a gold medal at the 2003 and 2004 Collegiate Championships, respectively. He also competed in the 2007 China vs. USOEC exhibition.

Prepared By
Kate Annala
Media Intern