Promoting Your Organization

Here are some quick ideas for promoting your organization:

  1. Buy organization T-shirts, sweatshirts or jackets.
  2. Participate in Homecoming and WinterFest.
  3. Get involved in a major community service project (Make a Difference Day, Special Olympics, MLK Day of service, or one that is unique to your organization).
  4. Apply for a student organization award: Diversity Program/Project of the Year, Community Service Award, Program of the Year, Project of the Year, Organization of the Year, Organization of the Year – University or Activity Fee Funded.
  5. Take pictures of your organization in action and submit them to the Center for Student Enrichment (either electronically to or bring them to 1206 University Center to be scanned while you wait) for inclusion in the slide show at the Leadership Recognition Banquet.  Your pictures might also appear in a future publication or on our Web site.
  6. Sponsor a campus program or event.
  7. Attend an athletic event as a group with your organization shirts/sweatshirts.
  8. Put up a display about your organization in the Learning Resources Center and/or inquire about a display case in the University Center.  Contact the Center for Student Enrichment (1205 UC, 227-2439) for arrangements.
  9. Plan now to participate in early fall recruitment activities next year (Fall Fest, etc.).
  10. Develop and maintain a Web page that explains and promotes your organization.
  11. Escort new people to their first meeting. Remember how scary it can be to walk into a room full of strangers.
  12. Know what makes your organization special, what sets it apart from other organizations.
  13. Get attention!  Use posters, flyers and table tents with a creative message.