Annual Registration

Student organizations are required to register annually with the Center for Student Enrichment. This keeps our files and organizations list up to date, so people can easily learn about your group and get involved in your activities.

If you have a hobby, interest, activity or cause that is not represented by a current student organization and you believe there is enough student interest to sustain a new group, you are encouraged to create it and register it.

For groups already in existence, re-registration is required.

In either case, it's simple. Provide the names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of your group's contact people, and that of your adviser. The deadline to re-register your organization is Friday, September 20. 

Registration forms are available in the Center for Student Enrichment, 1205 University Center.  They can also now be found online.  Register your student organization for 2013-2014 online here.