(For Student Organizations)

QuickTips! (For Student Organizations) are short (3-5 minutes) informative videos geared to helping student organizations run smoothly throughout the year. There are videos ranging from producing and funding for an event to member transition and goal setting. Not only are the videos very useful, but each video is equipped with a QuickTip! sheet with important highlights. Check out some of the QuickTips! videos to keep your student organization on track.

Student Organization Building an Organization that Lasts
Successful student organizations have many things in common. Learn how to start and build a long lasting organization with this QuickTips! video.
Fall Fest Wanted! Good Members
Having active, involved members is the lifeblood for any student organization. Learn how to find members, involve them and keep them with this QuickTips! video.
Checkbook Day-to-Day Money Management
Student organizations work hard for their money. Learn how to manage it responsibly with this QuickTips! video.
Meeting Liven Up Your Meetings
It doesn't matter how good the ideas behind your student organization are if you can't get anyone to come to your meetings. Discover how to liven up your meetings and make them more effective with this QuickTips! video.
Set Goals Goal Setting
Its easier getting where you want to go if you know the direction you're heading. Get your organization off to a great start by creating a vision statement and setting goals and objectives with this QuickTips! video.
Leadership Recognition Banquet Winners 2010 Get Recognized
Has your organization planned a great event, given back to the community or just had a great year? Discover how your organization can get recognized for its accomplishments with this QuickTips! video.
Officer Tranisitions Leadership Transitions
A smooth officer transition can provide a strong foundation for your group so that they can continue on with their activities and plans. Make sure the organization that you have worked so hard to build up will continue to grow and prosper under its new leadership with this QuickTips! video.
Habitat Build Get Involved and Give Back
Successful student organizations realize the value of getting involved in the greater community and not just campus. Explore the ways that your organization can get involved in the community by volunteering with this QuickTips! video.
Adviser of the Year 2010 Advisers
Your adviser is one of the most important members of your student organization. Make the most of your student organization-adviser relationship in this QuickTips! video.
Bakesale Show Me the Money
Does your student organization need money to host an event, go to a conference, or buy office supplies? Learn the basics of fundraising at NMU with this QuickTips! video.
Third Eye Blind Concert Event Planning
Sponsoring events takes time, money, energy, and a little creativity from your members. If your student organization is interested in putting on a program or event on campus and needs some direction, this QuickTips! video is for you!
Contract Contracts: Agreements that Stick
Contract negotiations are a big responsibility and provide the foundation for an event. Avoid a contract catastrophe and get your event off to a great start with this QuickTips! video.
AV Equipment Event Production
Planning an event is a big job. Learn the basic tasks to put on your production to-do list with this QuickTips! video.
Promotion Promoting Your Event
Planning an event can be exciting for you and your members, but what about everyone else? Explore ways to get other people excited about your event with this QuickTips! video.