Student Organization: Anthropology Club

Description The Anthropology Club is aimed at giving students who are interested in the field of anthropology a chance to meet and interact with other students who share similar interests. Anthropology is a holistic field which studies the origins and social relationships of human beings. The four main subfields are Archaeology, Cultural, Linguistics, and Physical/Biological Anthropology. These subfields will be used to supplement academic education as well as build long lasting friendships. The Anthropology Club will give students firsthand experience in the sociocultural and archaeological subfields of anthropology by exposing them to field trips, movies, and current anthropological projects. Upcoming events include visits and/or camping trips to areas of anthropological significance in and around the Upper Peninsula, experimentation with traditional living skills such as atlatl dart throwing, flint knapping (stone tool making) and other traditional techniques, as well as travel to museums around the area and professional conferences, with most of these activities occurring during the weekend. Everyone is welcome to join regardless of academic major. Anthropology was once described as the "art of hanging out," so if you want to hang out and be a part of an exciting student organization, check us out. Contact either our Facebook group (NMU Anthropology Club) or email us at
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Street Address Sociology/Anthropology Department
City Marquette
State MI
Zip 49855
Contact Gabrielle Hoffman
Contact Number 989-370-0729
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Adviser Alex Ruuska
Adviser Phone 227-2030
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