Current Student Organizations

The members of NMU student organizations sponsor almost 300 campus-wide programs and events every year in addition to the hundreds of group activities. These same students volunteer thousands of hours of service annually to local communities. In the process, the student organizations that register at Northern Michigan University every year provide thousands of students with fun, friendships, memories, and educational experiences that cannot be found in the classroom.

Efforts put forth by student organizations are recognized annually at the Leadership Recognition Banquet.

To learn more about NMU's student organizations, browse the links and categories below:

Residence Life

1200 Center Street Apartments
600/700 Summit Apartments
American Graffiti House
Arctic House
Aspen Haus
Back Country House
Boondocks House
Breakfast Club House
Brule House
Classic House
Concert House
Copa Cabana House
Dakota House
Deja Vu House
Down Under House
Downtown House
Edge House
Fantasia House
Gallery House
Gant Hall
Habitat House
Halverson Hall
Happy House
Hero House
Hogwarts House
Hollywood House
House of Wonders
Hunt Hall
Inferno House
Jungle House
Lincoln 1600 Apartments
Lincoln Townhouses
Magers Hall
Malibu House
Margaritaville House
Meyland Hall
Moose Lodge House
Mount Olympus House
Mountain House
Narnia House
Neverland House
Norwood Apartments
Odyssey House
On-Campus Apartments
Outback House
Paradise House
Reel House
Safariy House
Shady Grove House
Sleepy Hollow House
Spalding Hall
Spooner Hall
Studio House
Summit House
Summit/Center Apartments (800)
The Bin House
The Strip House
Toon Town House
Treasure Island House
Tundra House
VanAntwerp Hall
West Hall
Whoville House
Woodland Park 1st Floor Advisory Board
Woodland Park 2nd Floor Advisory Board
Woodland Park 3rd Floor Advisory Board