Greek Council

Greek Council MembersThe Greek Council at Northern Michigan University is comprised of representatives from each of the two fraternities and three sororities on campus. The purpose of the Greek Council is to:

  • Promote Greek Life in general and to develop close cooperation and a spirit of good will among the fraternities and sororities on campus.
  • Develop and promote programs and activities for the Greek community.
  • Resolve any conflicts that may arise between Greek organizations.
  • Some of the traditional events sponsored by NMU’s Greek Council include:
    • The alcohol-free “Late Night at the PEIF” during Welcome Week.
    • Greek Week

Current Greek Council officers are:

President:  Anthony Wilson (
Vice President:  Michelle Kienitz
Secretary:  Gabby McMillan
Treasurer:  Stephen Hare
Special Events:  Taryn Orlando and Kali Kisro
Greek Unification/PR: Sarah Wallace
Public Relations: Jacob Stipe